National Technology Day- Through technical innovation, these tech giants are revolutionizing their respective sectors

National Technology Day is a day set aside to honor and give an ode to all of the technical advances achieved by technologists. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly being used by startups to redefine the customer experience and drive corporate success. AI and machine learning are two technologies that have witnessed a tremendous uplift in funding and innovation in recent years. India’s AI industry will reach USD 7.8 billion by 2025, according to IDC’s newest estimate. Every sector is undoubtedly benefiting from AI. It is being used in a variety of domains, be it retail, agriculture or education.

On this National Technology day 2022, let’s take a peak at a few innovative startups & their founders who are disrupting their respective industries.


Aquaconnect – Rajamanohar Somasundaram, CEO & Co-founder, Aquaconnect is a tech entrepreneur with extensive experience in building the Internet and mobile technology-driven businesses. Aquaconnect is a global full-stack aquaculture technology venture that provides data-driven farm advisory and marketplace solutions to fish and shrimp farmers through artificial intelligence and satellite remote sensing technologies.


AgNext – Established in 2016 by Mr Taranjeet Singh Bhamra, CEO & Founder, AgNext has been successful in becoming one of India’s leading agritech start-ups. By using deep-tech solutions in the agriculture sector to solve persisting legacy issues, AgNext aims to facilitate trust and transparency in food value chains. Taranjeet envisions a world where farmers and agribusinesses are able to transact better with the most efficient application of technology. Working in Deep technology, AgNext under Taranjeet’s leadership has pioneered computer vision, spectral and IoT based AI technologies, which today is employed at multiple transaction points enabling transparent and profitable trade in agriculture and food value chains.

Unnati – Unnati, conceptualized and co-founded by Mr. Amit Sinha & Mr. Ashok Prasad, is a fintech based agri platform which aims to minimize the risks in farming and ensure much-needed transparency in the farming business. Unnati’s founders recognised the difficulties farmers experience as a result of farming’s lack of predictability and regular access to production inputs and information. Digital technology has the potential to play a key role and deliver immediate answers in this situation.

Their objective to connect farmers to a single digital platform that supports farm entrepreneurship has been their driving force, resulting in the development of a complete ecosystem for farm entrepreneurs. From Unnati financial services to crop-specific consultancy, the brand works with farmers at every stage of the farming life cycle to ensure a sustainable future.


Arzooo – Incorporated in 2018, Bangalore-based Arzooo is the brainchild of ex-Flipkart colleagues and IIT Kharagpur alumnus- Khushnud Khan and Rishi Raj Rathore. They had the notion to start a company like Arzooo that would reinvent and alter the way physical retailers sell gadgets. Khushnud Khan, Co-founder & CEO of Arzooo launched this B2B marketplace with a vision to transform retail with innovative technology. He is on a mission to empower 500,000 traditional retailers through the registered flagship tech platform of Arzooo ‘Go Store’. Disrupting the electronics retail market, Arzooo is transforming the traditional small and medium stores into modern stores. The company focuses on creating solutions that will help retailers enhance their customer acquisition.


Extramarks – Conceptualized by Mr. Atul Kulshrestha, Extramarks is simplifying and integrating the learning experience while reducing classroom costs and addressing shortage of resources for learners, as well as educators fraternity ( teachers, tutors, others). Trusted by 10,000+ schools all over India, Extramarks provides 360-degree learning solutions to provide a seamless transition from school to home by providing a personalized, integrated, and interactive student friendly’ learning experience. The Edtech giant is expanding the horizons for teachers in India by creating new avenues and opportunities beyond geographical boundaries.

University Living – Ideated by Mr. Saurabh Arora, University Living is an online global student accommodation marketplace with global footprints in 180+ International cities. The AI and machine learning enabled platform, which was founded in January 2015 by two former roommates with a combined twenty years of industry experience, has grown to aid 1,50,000 students across 900 colleges in five years. The platform now has 1.75 million beds in 35 thousand properties throughout 265 international education centers in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Europe, the United States, Canada, and India. Students may connect with a 24/7 support staff of accommodation professionals to find, compare, and book affordable housing based on their budget, preferred location, and other personal preferences

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