Nawgati, Shark Tank Fame, charts out expansion plans to scale up its footprints in major cities

● The company is expanding in Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities such as Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Patna, Bangalore, Kolkata, Lucknow among others.

● Nawgati’s inspiration came during a cab ride in Noida, where co-founder Vaibhav Kaushik engaged in a conversation with a cab driver about the challenges they face at CNG stations.

New Delhi 26th July 2023 – Nawgati, a home-grown innovative Fuel Aggregator start-up, is excited to announce its expansion into major cities across the country. Built on state-of-the-art technology, Nawgati is revolutionising the fuelling experience for both fuel providers and end consumers. Following its successful Shark Tank Season 2 appearance, the company is now set to bring intelligent congestion management and compliance monitoring systems to Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities including but not limited to Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Kolkata, Bhopal, Chennai, Pune, Lucknow, Patna and Jaipur.

Aalaap Nair, Vaibhav Kaushik and Aryan Sisodia founded Nawgati in 2019 with the mission to streamline fuel station operations, save valuable time for both fuel providers and consumers and significantly reduce congestion concurrently. Aaveg – Nawgati’s flagship product, provides congestion monitoring and routing systems, enabling fuel stations to optimise their assets, monitor real-time congestion, and direct customers to less crowded stations nearby.

“Our mission at Nawgati is to transform the way fuel stations operate in India,” said Co-founder Vaibhav Kaushik. “Despite the rising prices of fuel, our roads are packed with vehicles and demand for fuel is higher than ever with long queues outside fuel stations. And with Aaveg, we aim to revolutionise the current overwhelming fuel station experience – making it efficient, convenient, and hassle-free. So, we are thrilled to announce our expansion into major cities, allowing more fuel providers and consumers to benefit from our intelligent queue management system.”

Looking ahead, Nawgati envisions expanding its platform to include a wide range of fuel outlets, making it a fuel-agnostic platform. This includes not only CNG or petrol pumps but also electric vehicle charging stations. With plans to onboard 15,000 fuel outlets over the next two years, Nawgati aspires to take its innovative solutions to the global stage.

The Nawgati team comprises talented individuals from BITS Pilani who have played a crucial role in the product development and ideation processes. Leveraging their diverse backgrounds, the team has introduced industry-first features into their products, setting them apart in the market.

The company’s product is live with Indraprastha Gas Ltd (IGL) and Indian Oil (IOC) in the Delhi-NCR region. Nawgati is in discussions with other key players in the industry, including Mahanagar Gas, Sabarmati Gas, Gujarat Gas, Adani Gas, Think Gas, Green Gas, Torrent Gas, Vadodara Gas, Rajasthan State Gas, AG&P and Maharashtra Natural Gas.

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