Nay.AI, an artificial intelligence health platform, launched in sync with UNSDG3


Nay.AI to provide timely clinical interventions in saving lives

The newly introduced healthcare platform “Nay” makes use of components of Artificial Intelligence to provide timely interventions for diseases.

Tension and stress due to medical uncertainties are ubiquitous. Health-related news of a family member or even self often makes people vulnerable. Gaping holes in the healthcare support systems turn into nightmares. Even with the best healthcare facility, no one can guarantee the right treatment.

In an attempt to bridge such vast gaps, a group of senior visionaries and industry leaders have designed Nay.AI; an ecosystem to provide just in time help to patients and intelligent decision support insights to doctors. This healthcare system aims to help UNSDG3 reach some of the goals with NLP (Natural Language Processing) and CV (Computer Vision) technology components of Artificial Intelligence. Timely and well-informed clinical interventions enabled by Nay.AI can save millions of lives in the days to come.

Avijit Guha, CEO at Nay, said, “Nay.AI is an equitable platform. We are bringing in a bunch of life-saving SOPs that will institute life-saving across socioeconomic classifications at par”.

The professionals in the core team of Nay have been working in the educational technology field for several decades. They have been developing software applications for dealing with education-related problems. The wide impact of COVID19 and rampant wrong treatments and ignorance around the subject influenced the team in repurposing their technology components towards saving human lives and building this history-making healthcare ecosystem, Nay. According to a clinical study at the University of Montreal, young brains lack the wisdom of elders. This gives the team of senior professionals at Nay who have extensive knowledge in their respective fields an edge over the youth-dominated start-up industry.

Mr. Guha mentioned, “We designed Nay.AI as the world’s biggest healthcare platform. Ignorance and lack of timely intervention are the biggest reasons for fatalities across the world. With Nay, we want to save as many lives as possible. We do not want people in the forthcoming world to die due to human errors or ignorance”. “It’s a long way to go; the platform is coming up brick by brick. The Neonatal and Geriatrics offerings will be available in India by the end of 2022.”

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