Need for Nutrition Improvement and planning the right eating habits crucial for long term benefits, says health experts

New Delhi, 22nd August 2022: Under its Illness to Wellness Campaign, ASSOCHAM, an apex body, organized a Webinar on “Sahi Bhojan Behtar Jeevan – What India Eats” with the objective to generate greater awareness on this issue for eating right and eating healthy. Great health is only achievable by eating the right food for nutrition. It is apparent that everyone desires to feel great, energetic, and prevent common infections. However, without the right nutrition basics this is hardly achievable. Meal planning also enables someone to avoid junk food and encourages a consistent healthy diet.

In his welcome address Shri Anil Rajput, Chairperson, ASSOCHAM CSR Council, said, “The topic of what is ‘Sahi Bhojan’ for India is of paramount importance and this webinar is only the beginning of a series of discussion on this subject”.

Indian food has evolved over centuries witnessing influences from outside. In fact, our food systems and traditional recipes which are built around the Ayurveda way of living are healthy, diverse and balanced leading to good gut, health & wellbeing. It is therefore imperative to generate greater awareness on this issue for eating right and eating healthy”, he added.

Dr. Sikha Sharma, Founder and Managing Director Dr. Sikha’s Nutrihealth, said that “Good Nutrition for Health is a fundamental Right, Responsibility and Health Insurance of every Family. It is high time we wake up to the importance of bringing Nutrition into mainstream Healthcare”.

Ms. Ishi Khosla, Practicing Clinical Nutritionist, Columnist, Author, an Entrepreneur and Researcher, said ”Follow the half plate rule & fill up half your plate with vegetables/ salads / fruits. Choose a rainbow diet with brightly colored vegetables, fruits & spices.” We need to revisit, review & rethink our strategies to reduce the burden of chronic inflammatory diseases & malnutrition. Unless we address the reasons or root cause of the problems, we will not be able to make a difference to our Nation’s health. For example, Why is there Anaemia in spite of so much attention to iron supplementation? Pay attention to not only what you eat but also what you digest. Hidden Food allergies could be the reason for nutrient malabsorption & malnutrition.

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