NeoSmile Foundation Plots a Greener Future – One more Step Towards Driving Environmental Sustainability

Mumbai 5th June 2022 – With ardent advocacy for green and renewable energy, NeoSmile Foundation continued its march towards a greener and sustainable India on the eve of World Environment Day. NeoSmile Foundation embarked on a massive ‘Tree Plantation’ drive across Mumbai suburbs and its neighboring districts, receiving strong support from the city locals, farmers, children, and social volunteers. Besides the tree plantation drive in areas of Mumbai (Kandivali & Matunga), Thane district (Badlapur), NeoSmile Foundation also conducted informative and awareness sessions for the participants.

The effects of global warming are apparent for all to see. Alarming carbon emission levels, poor air quality due to pollution, and inconsiderate use of natural resources are guiding us down a path we may never recover from.

NeoSmile Foundation is aiming to change this narrative and chart a path for a greener future in Mumbai and across India. NeoSmile Foundation’s mission is to build a more humane, inclusive, equitable, and sustainable society. Spurred on by their philosophy to embrace social responsibility and the thought that positive contributions towards society as a whole will drive development and upliftment towards a greener future.

On this year’s World Environment Day, NeoSmile Foundation conducted a massive ‘Tree Plantation’ drive where more than 100 NeoSmile Foundation volunteers reached out to the corners of Matunga, Kandivali, Badlapur, areas to plant 200+ indigenous varieties of flowers, fruits, and vegetable crops across these regions.

Along with NeoSmile Foundation volunteers, more than 160 special children from the ‘Children Aid Society’ in Matunga participated in this drive to develop a ‘Butterfly Garden’ which is now adorned with beautiful flowers and fruit plants. The children and staff were also educated about global warming effects and other various horticulture techniques to keep nurturing the Butterfly Garden and contribute to developing more greener spaces around.

Local farmers joined us in the drive to cultivate vegetable and fruit crops in areas of Badlapur (Thane District). The farmers were also guided on the latest farming techniques and methods they can adopt to yield a better crop and were taught the benefits of using sustainable energies like solar and wind.

The Tree Plantation drive in Thakur village (Kandivali) was witnessed by senior government dignitaries who volunteered to plant and spread the word by emphasizing on Green Energy and the importance of curbing the global warming threat.

“Giving back to society and giving high priority to human life, well-being, safety, and compliance is our mission,” says Mr. A. L. Rathi, the Founder of NeoSmile Foundation Foundation.

“It is our belief that through empowerment and education, we can create meaningful opportunities and build a sustainable future for us and all the lives around us. Global warming is a destructive force and the effects of which will be felt by all of us in the near times. However, areas with inadequate or insufficient access to crucial resources shall witness a harder impact, and therefore our goal through NeoSmile Foundation’s green energy adoption initiative is to brighten the lives of 1 Million Rural lives by the end of 2022.”

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