Netflix Elevates Safety and Skills for Stunt Community in India

The action and stunt sequences in films and series transform ordinary stories into unforgettable adventures. Stunt performers are the unsung heroes who ensure that every daring chase, dramatic explosion, and epic fight sequence feels real and exciting.

In a step toward ensuring their safety, we partnered with the Movie Stunt Artist Association to conduct a stunt workshop aimed at demonstrating the global best practices in ensuring the safety of stunt performers and crew members during the production of films or series.

Designed as an interactive experience, the workshop welcomed over 50 artists from the leading stunt and special effects (SFX) communities, with the goal of enhancing their skills through global safety practices used to assess risks, plan effectively, and manage high-stakes stunts. The hands-on training included case studies and scenarios inspired by real-world set experiences, covering various operational areas such as working with fire, squibs and explosives, performing aerial stunts.

Aejaz Gulab, leading action director and the General Secretary of Movie Stunt Artist Association, and Rohan Oberoi, CEO of Momentum India, also shared their expertise and insights with the participants.

Aejaz Gulab said, “Our goal is to minimize the risks involved in performing stunts and creating stunning visuals on screen for the entertainment industry. We also aim to address the medical and legal responsibilities related to skill progression.

Manas Malhotra, Director, Production at Netflix India, added, “Members of the stunts and SFX community have been doing inspiring work. This workshop focuses on bringing in global best practices and incorporating our learnings from other industries to elevate safety practices on sets in India. We believe in pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation while ensuring that safety is never compromised.”

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