Neuron Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Center launches “Anti-epidemic Physiotherapy Program”

Media OutReach – 25 March 2022 – As the world continues to grow under the pressure of the epidemic, the concept of health has received more and more attention. Therefore, ‘Neuron Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Center’ has launched the ‘Anti-Epidemic Physiotherapy Program’ to fulfill the needs of their consumers. The ‘Anti-Epidemic Physiotherapy Program’ teaches customers various techniques to perform physiotherapeutic exercises by using surrounding objects as physiotherapy props. In addition, the
cost of the ‘Anti-Epidemic Physiotherapy Program’ is relatively economical. As the goal of physiotherapy is not only for treating “the sick”, the ‘Anti-Epidemic Physiotherapy Program’ would greatly benefit the elderly or patients with mild symptoms. Physiotherapy is mainly for daily exercise, prevention, and physical enhancement.

The “Anti-epidemic Physiotherapy Program” includes breathing control exercises, expectoration, cough relief exercises, as well as exercises and
chiropractic for people in social isolation or working at home to prevent shoulder, neck, and shoulder pain caused by lack of exercise and after a long-term stay-at-home.

Furthermore, the “Anti-epidemic Physiotherapy Program” provides the latest “Radiofrequency Thermocoagulation” to help patients relieve the symptoms of lower back pain. Moderate rehabilitation exercises provide several health benefits, such as effectively improving respiratory function, maintaining muscle mass and joint flexibility, improving cardiopulmonary function, and reducing psychological symptoms such as anxiety and depression.

After the recovery from Covid 19 infection, the respiratory and lung function of certain Covid 19 patients could remain significantly deteriorated. The remaining symptoms may include fatigue, phlegm, chronic cough, and trouble with breathing. Rehabilitation exercises can help improve the above symptoms, gradually recover to normal bodily functions, reduce complications, and reduce the risk of re-infection with Covid 19.

Despite the epidemic, Neuron’s
‘Rehabilitation of Sports Injuries Workshop’ provides door-to-door physiotherapy services, as the brand introduces new rehabilitation exercises and equipment to provide multi-directional treatment methods to help their customers with better access to physiotherapy exercises to embrace health.


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