New 4K Philips 8500 Series TV Arrives in Malaysia

OutReach – 17 January 2022 – The Philips 8500 series of 4K UHD LED
Android Displays are now available in Malaysia. This new TV extends the picture
beyond the screen and into the room, with Ambilight, and it is also among the
many Philips displays that now boast Apple TV+ coverage via the Apple TV app.

Fluid motion. True color. Incredible depth

Whatever the video source, the Philips P5 Perfect Picture Engine gets
the most out of the stunning 4K LED screen, always delivering perfection, and
transporting you to a new realm of visual experience. The fidelity of Dolby
Vision and Dolby Atmos sound technology, ensures you’ll enjoy all the same
contrast, brightness and color that the director intended, along with sound
that’s punchy, dynamic, but crystal clear to ensure you hear every word.

If you start playing a game on a connected games console, the 8500
series automatically switches to a low latency setting (ALLM), and the fast
display response means that gamers can always stay on top of the game. No
matter what you’re watching, Ambilight fills the room for an immersive
experience, taking the emotion beyond the screen.

Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) is supported for smooth fast-action
gameplay. reducing screen tearing and syncing your monitor’s refresh rate with
your graphic card or console’s output for a better gaming experience. Scenes
appear instantly, objects look sharper, and gameplay is more fluid –  giving you a stunning visual experience and a
serious competitive edge.

A world of content at your fingertips

All major streaming services are supported, including Apple TV+,
Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime and Disney+. You can enjoy award-winning
original shows, movies and documentaries from the world’s most creative
storytellers. Users can also enjoy personalized and curated recommendations and
access their library of movie and TV show purchases from Apple.

Ready for anything with key industry standard support

The Philips 8500 series is built with DTS Play-Fi wireless audio
streaming technology, bringing the best wireless audio ecosystem to your home,
allowing you to control all your DTS Play-Fi-enabled products via Wi-Fi and
stream music simultaneously. The 8500 series also features improved sound
quality and storage space, with Mimi Sound’s personalized health volume
function, which creates a more enjoyable listening experience by tailoring
sound patterns to your ears. The storage space has been upgraded from 3GB to
4GB, and the storage space for applications, files and software has been
doubled from 16GB to 32GB, which exceeds the industry standard.

MSRP and availability


The Philips 8500 series 4K UHD LED Android Displays are available for
three screen sizes are listed below.



Promo Price (RM)

50″ PUT8516



55″ PUT8516



75″ PUT8516



Buying Information – Philips TV Authorised Dealer

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