New Delhi, 06 December 2021: We Founder Circle, an early stage start-up investor, focussed on founder backing, founder has invested in content community platform Commaful. The USA based start-up is a part of the new wave of creator economy and content creation + consumption platforms in the same space as Episodes, Wattpad, and Substack. The undisclosed seed round witnessed participation from NK Securities and esteemed angel investors including Hitesh Dhawan (Founder – Neuronimbus), Gaurav Juneja (CEO- Ruchi Twisters) and Siddharth Shah (Managing Director – Rajesh Motors). Commaful is founded by Sydney Liu and Ryan Choi. The two met at the University of Southern California – since then, Liu took a leave of absence and Choi turned down a PhD program offer to pursue Commaful. By creating a new storytelling format for people to tell engaging and interactive stories, the start-up expanded the $30B book publishing market, $136B film industry, and growing $10B creator economy. “Community Building has been a key driver for any industry business growth. Considering how digitisation has taken place in the last decade, content has played a vital role. Building a community in content with innovation will give more avenues to the people to share stories to inspire the community. We can unlock the Stan Lee’s, JK Rowling’s, Dr. Seuss’s of this generation and allow them to build their audience via such platforms. Being a community first approach investment platform, We Founder Circle is glad to be supporting the start-up and can see its growth trajectory already.” said Neeraj Tyagi, Co-Founder & CEO, We Founder Circle. On the Fund Raise Sydney Liu, Co-Founder, Commaful, affirmed “Storytelling is a deeply human experience as old as humankind. Commaful today already has a global audience and we’ve been amazed by the incredible stories that have been shared by Indian creators. We are excited to bring on value-add investors from around the world to help support our mission.” Bhawna Bhatnaga, Co-Founder of We Founder Circle who comes from global tech and content start-up like ByteDance, said “Global platforms like Commaful have great potential as it aggregates content of every format and hence have great appeal for young creative audience. Moving forward We Founder Circle is committed to invest in content focused start-ups. Start-up plans at utilising the funds to build, maintain and scale the technology infrastructure that creates better experience for the community. The start-up will also focus on activities related to scaling operations, building the brand and creating a community with creative campaigns.

[Vientiane, Laos, December 6, 2021] The General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee and President Xi Jinping, and the President Thongloun SISOULITH, General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Lao People’s Revolutionary Party on Friday jointly witnessed the grand opening of the Laos-China Railway on the online meeting. Departing from the north in Kunming, China, to the Vientiane station in the south, the Laos-China Railway is 1035 kilometer long. The railway is of great significance to bilateral economic, social and cultural exchanges as well as the regional connectivity, and make contributions to regional development and prosperity.

Travelling from the China-Laos border to Vientiane capital has shorten from 2 days to 3 hours. Departing from Kunming and arriving in Vientiane can now be achieved in the same day. This is the first railway in Laos, it has changed Laos from a “land-locked country” into a “land-linked country”, boost regional connectivity and supply chain resilience. The business activities and travelling between China and South-East Asia has become more convenient and easier. The railway has bring the country into a new era for the transportation network in the region. The 1035 kilometer long railway will boost the various sectors of the region and help Laos to recover its economic that hit by the Covid epidemic.

Huawei Smart Railway Solution has supported the Laos-China Railway in the digitalization efforts, enabling advances in safety and security across all aspects of the railway, including construction, operations and maintenance. At the same time, Huawei works closely with the Laos telecom operators to build the high-speed network, ensure stable connectivity, the advanced technology has benefited the Laos people and passenger.

“The launching of the Laos-China Railway is a great vision of the leaders of both countries, with the significant efforts of all the workers has made this come true in 5 year time. Huawei worked together with the Laos telecom operators to build the wireless network along the railway. 5G coverage will be available in the short future, that the people can enjoy a more stable, high-speed and smart connectivity. Working in the train and get in touch with friends and families anytime anywhere has become possible. Thanks to their big contribution! After we open the railway, we should open the digital-way, digital-one-belt-one-road.” Said by Dr. Boviengkham VONGDARA, Minister of Technology and Communications of Laos

The project director of Huawei Laos, Somlith Nammanininh said, “This is my great honor to participate in this grand opening and support the ceremony. As a Laotian, I am very excited that finally there is a railway in my motherland, this was out of my imagination a few years ago. I believe the Lao-China Railway will foster the economy, help Laos to integrate into the global market, create more opportunities for the local business and people. As a Huawei people that participate in the network construction of the whole railway, I am very proud of the HUAWEI CLOUD meeting, 5G technology and FTTX solution has ensured the online meeting of this historical moment. I look forward to see the merging of digital technology and modern transportation to bring a good future to the country.”

“Huawei has established in Laos for 23 years. “In Laos, for Laos” is our mission, we have witnessed and participated in this great historical moment. Huawei Laos will continue to make contributions to the digital economy and industry transformation in Laos.”

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