New EcoStruxure™ Building solutions from Schneider Electric answer today’s imperative to deliver net-zero carbon buildings

EcoStruxure Building Operation 2022 increases the ease of connectivity between systems and data both inside and outside buildings with integration of renewable energy sources

Up to 40% energy savings1 can be achieved with EcoStruxure Building solutions while enhancing occupant comfort and productivity

SpaceLogic Insight-Sensor captures rich data insights to help improve efficiency and achieve green and well-being building certifications

Media OutReach – 10 May 2022 –
Schneider Electric, the leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, and recognized as the
World’s most sustainable corporation in 2021 by Corporate Knights Global 100 Index, today announced two new solutions to increase building sustainability and efficiency while enhancing occupant comfort.
EcoStruxure™ Building Operation 2022, a uniquely open and integrated smart building management system, and the
SpaceLogic™ Insight-Sensor, a six-in-one room sensor with anonymous real-time people counting, will be gamechangers in the journey to net-zero carbon buildings. With these additions, Schneider Electric continues to enable customers to achieve up to 40% energy savings1 with EcoStruxure Building solutions.
Making building data and automation work for comfortable, net-zero carbon buildings
Complex issues of global climate change and net-zero carbon mandates are increasing demands on buildings, which generate nearly 40% of the world’s CO2 emissions.2 EcoStruxure Building Operation 2022 and SpaceLogic Insight-Sensor deliver building owners and facility managers with granular visibility through open, integrated building systems and devices that easily connect and exchange information. The new offers also provide flexibility to adapt and respond to owners’, occupants’ and society’s needs both today and in the future. And they help deliver on the promise of IoT, ensuring that valuable building data can be accessed, standardized, secured, and analyzed for maximum efficiency and predictive maintenance using AI and machine learning.
“Schneider Electric is proud to be a part of the evolution of building technology at such a pivotal time for the industry. By providing these new leading solutions we will further help building owners, facility managers and our EcoXpert partners address the increasing pressures they face head-on,” says Andre Marino, SVP of Digital Buildings. “These open, data-centric solutions apply flexibility and insight to what are inherently rigid challenges of buildings. Solving these challenges is essential to meeting the demands of today’s modern buildings and supporting the new balance of remote work and office time, with priorities ranging from creating safe, healthy and flexible occupant spaces, to protecting the environment from climate change.”
EcoStruxure Building Operation 2022 takes open system integration to the next level
EcoStruxure Building Operation, part of the
EcoStruxure Building ecosystem, is an open and scalable next-generation building management solution that provides a single control center for building and facility mangers to monitor, manage and optimize systems that were traditionally siloed. It allows bi-directional integration and exchange of any third-party system or device and does not lock-up customers’ data in proprietary languages or codes.
To achieve net-zero, buildings must become more digital and more electric. EcoStruxure Building Operation 2022 provides simple integration, visibility and actionable data from microgrids, EV charging stations and renewable energy sources, in addition to previously integrated HVAC, power, lighting, security, fire systems, and more to create sustainable, energy- and operationally-efficient, and comfortable buildings.
EcoStruxure Building Operation 2022 other new features and benefits include:

Scalable software licensing bundle options making solutions more affordable for smaller, mid-market projects, and a new subscription-based software assurance upgrade option supports system modernization

Enhanced reports and dashboard UIs, including Alarm Management, which provides clear insights and notification to issues before they become disruptive problems

Technical data is now simpler to understand and manage by facility managers

Access to more data especially from the proliferation of IoT-enabled connected room devices

Industry-leading compliance and cybersecurity features, including new BACnet /SC (Secure Connect); Single Sign-On (SSO) with SAML 2.0; secure boot for the SpaceLogic Automation Server; and TLS 1.5 encryption

SpaceLogic™ Insight-Sensors increase occupant comfort while reducing energy use
Schneider Electric also introduces the
SpaceLogic Insight-Sensor, an advanced six-in-one ceiling mounted room/zone sensor for people counting, occupancy, light, sound, temperature, and humidity sensing. Unlike traditional ventilation control that relies on schedules or CO2 levels, the SpaceLogic Insight-Sensor, which uses anonymous people-counting technology, responds to precise changes in room occupancy in real-time for optimal fresh air supply. The direct integration with EcoStruxure Building Operation enables fast response time with no additional design, configuration or commissioning costs.
When more people enter a room, the Insight-Sensor informs EcoStruxure Building Operation, which dynamically adjusts room ventilation, reacting quickly before conditions become uncomfortable. Conversely, the Insight-Sensor ensures that energy use for HVAC or lighting is reduced when rooms are at low or zero occupancy.
SpaceLogic Insight-Sensor delivers these additional features and benefits:

Fast installation and commissioning with native integration via the SpaceLogic RP-C Controller, the room’s IP backbone infrastructure, as part of
EcoStruxure Connected Room Solutions

Ability to easily reconfigure floor plans and work areas based on actual space usage patterns

Remote control, wayfinding and other occupant services enabled by Bluetooth iBeacon and third-party beaconing applications

Granular data on energy use and well-being analytics (temperature, light, sound) to help achieve LEED, WELL, BREEAM, Fitwel and other building certifications

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1 up to 40% energy savings for a typical EcoStruxure Building Operation customer (from analysis of 27 recent case studies) vs an industry average of 10-25% from a typical BMS (source: American Council for Energy Efficiency Economy).
2 Architecture 2030, 2020


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