New Innovative: Babel Finance Forms Partnership with Paradigm to Increase US$8 Billion Monthly Trading Volume

OutReach – 27 January 2022 – Babel Finance,  a leading global cryptocurrency financial
services provider, announced in December 2021 its partnership with Paradigm. Babel
Finance crypto trading will offer increased trading precision, eliminate leg
risk, and lower execution costs associated with trading derivatives. This
partnership, combined with the expertise of the Babel Finance
Singapore team, will contribute significantly to the growth of its US$8
billion monthly trading volume.

partnering with Paradigm, a zero fee institutional liquidity network for
derivatives traders, Babel Finance crypto financial services now has
unified access to multi-asset, multi-protocol liquidity on demand without
compromising on execution preferences, costs, and immediacy.

Paradigm, Babel Finance crypto trading can now bridge the worlds of
traditional and crypto finance. Leveraging Paradigm’s platform, Babel Finance
can not only connect directly with institutional counterparties, but also
access workflow automation tools necessary to facilitate multi-leg and
multi-product strategies (with underlying hedges) through a single executable

is an important step for Babel Finance to have a full suite of reliable
services to meet the growing demand from mainstream investors who are keen on adding
crypto assets into their portfolios. The digital asset capabilities of Babel
Finance asset management will further evolve as the company offers more leading-edge
products with capable compliance controls. This will ultimately cement Babel
Finance as a key service provider of crypto asset management and prime
brokerage services, as well as crypto lending.


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