– In Ace League players can compete for the championship title and rewards

– “Avanpost” in “Erangel” has been renovated into new building

New Delhi, April 21st 2023 – KRAFTON, Inc. today released its April Update for NEW STATE MOBILE, the popular battle royale game on iOS and Android. The new update includes the addition of “Ace League” – a new battle royale mode. The update also brings new additions to Erangle map, reopens Siege mode, introduces “Friends assemble event”, Survivor Pass Vol.18 and more.

While a comprehensive breakdown of NEW STATE MOBILE’s April Update can be found HERE, see below for key highlights.

Ace League – Ace League is a new mode which takes place in the latter half of each season wherein players can compete using battle royale rules. The first preliminary round will be held from May 13th to 19th, with the main event taking place from May 20th to 21st. Players with a tier score of 3,000 or more (Diamond V) can participate in the preliminaries. A participation ticket is awarded to the first-place winner in the preliminaries, who will then get to take part in the main event. Ace League takes place in third-person squad mode. A dedicated magnetic field balance is applied, and the map changes daily. Ace League offers higher basic rewards compared to regular battle royales, including chicken medals, BP, experience points, and Prestige Coins. The user who finishes first in the main event will be awarded the Ace League champions title alongside other rewards.

Erangle and new vehicles – Updates have also been made to the maps and modes. The “Avanpost” area in “Erangel” map has been transformed from a construction site to a new building, providing a more dynamic gameplay experience for players who enjoy early battles. Additionally, two futuristic vehicles, the 2-seater supercar “Nova” and electric motorcycle “Lightning”, are available on the Erangel map, replacing the existing “Electron” vehicle.

Siege Mode – The “Siege” mode, previously available in the “Graveyard” battlefield, reopens as a solo mode. Overall balance has been improved, and rewards will be given based on rankings at the end of the season.

Optimization – The optimization for iOS devices has been carried out, maintaining higher FPS while reducing battery consumption and heat generation. This is expected to enable a more pleasant gaming environment, with particularly significant effects on lower-spec devices.

Friends Assemble – The friend invitation event “Friends Assemble” is now live. New and returning users can input a friend invitation code sent by an existing NEW STATE MOBILE user to receive 20 chicken medals. Additional rewards can be earned by completing missions.

Survivor Pass Vol.18 – The protagonist of the newly released Survivor Pass Vol.18 is the Hunters faction’s “Carnage”. Upon achieving all pass levels, Carnage’s character skin can be obtained for free. Upgrading to a premium pass allows users to acquire Carnage’s costume set and upgrading to a legacy pass allows users to repurchase the “Crystal Kingdom Set”.
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