New wallpaper collection is a guide to different style eras!

Boråstapeter has produced a unique collection of wallpapers from six different style eras. This highly inspiring collection, called “Alla tiders hus” (Houses of every era), makes it possible to respect the age of a house and at the same time create a modern home.

Boråstapeter’s Alla tiders hus collection dovetails well with today’s widespread interest in building maintenance and conservation. It has been meticulously hand-picked to represent six different eras of building styles: turn of the century, Art Nouveau, Twenties, Sweden’s Middle Way, brick houses and new builds.

“This collection is intended to respect the idea of the era in which the house was built and it has been quite an indulgence to sift through Boråstapeter’s huge archives to find out what was in vogue at different times. There are several designs in our archives for each era. A couple were discovered in an old house and some wallpapers have been designed by Boråstapeter to enhance the modern architecture,” says Sissa Sundling, Head of Design at Boråstapeter.

All the designs are printed in at least one original colourway, but also in colours that are more aligned with modern-day interior décor. Colourful wallpaper has been common throughout the ages and, depending on the period, it has been popular to decorate rooms in both bright colours and very sombre and dark colours. Modernism heralded lighter, brighter colours and in our newly built homes we find a more muted colour scheme that works well in both large and open plan spaces.

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