Nilakshi’s new launch Mirage initiates dialogue, promotes mental well-being

Author Nilakshi Garg’s new launch ‘Mirage’ initiates dialogue in order to promote mental wellbeing. Mirage is one of its kind books as it is meant to be read by each individual who has gone through a rough patch in their lives. People who have gone through a dark and gory past.

Mirage is a marvelous story that will stick in the minds of the readers. In this novel, you go through a crooked and thought provoking journey of a female tattoo artist named Bethany Carlson. She lives alone in Chicago, Illinois. She is a run-away kid and has an emotionally drilling past that continues to cripple her present. Yet, she manages to build herself a stable and rewarding career without co-depending on those she left behind for good. However, when Gerald Fletcher, the family-oriented financial analyst, enters the scene, Bethany is left with no choice but to break her mental barriers, her mirage. Lest, she will lose everything that’s at stake, even her tattoo parlour.

So, it’s a story that leaves you with personal development and emotional intelligence lessons towards the climax. It teaches you the impact and importance of asking for help when you know you can’t survive and struggle with life alone anymore.

Furthermore, The author was approached by multiple book publishers including BlueRose Publishers and that’s when she got her first chance to publish her novel. The author also plans to publish 3-4 more poetry books this year. One of them is almost finished. Besides that, the author and her team are about to release 3-4 short movies this year for which they will be approaching different OTTs or production houses for the same.

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