Nitin Kamath’s Rainmatter-backed Game Theory acquires to Enhance Sports Gamification

The Bangalore-based brand powers up its journey with a maiden acquisition aimed at bolstering its AI and computer vision capabilities

Bangalore, Nov 09, 2023: Game Theory, a revolutionary brand that makes real sports more engaging, accessible, and habit-forming using technology, has taken a significant step forward to bolster its core technology with a strategic acquisition of (‘Matchday’), a leading sports analytics startup. The acquisition, effective as of October 28, 2023, marks a milestone in Game Theory’s journey, strengthening its commitment to innovation in the sports gaming sector by bringing in the best-in-world technology to casual real sports.

While specifics of the acquisition are not disclosed, the primary objective behind this strategic move is clear: to accelerate the technology roadmap of AI capabilities and computer vision, revolutionizing the real sports experience for their users.

Game Theory was founded to provide highly engaging and competitive real sports experiences to everyday users. With the acquisition of, Game Theory aims to set itself apart as one of the very few companies in the world with capabilities to bring deep tech capabilities into the world of sports to take the gameplay experience to sports enthusiasts of all skill levels.

Game Theory’s Founder, Sudeep Kulkarni, expressed his excitement, saying, “Matchday has developed incredible computer vision technology. The world’s top athletes have used it to help improve their game. Game Theory will now bring this technology to everyday players. The sheer number of data points from actual gameplay that will now feed into this tech will be game-changing. This will also help us be able to deliver tech-enabled coaching, which was so far only for pro-sports. We can now not just identify micro improvements for casual real sports players but also function as a tech-first scout for building India’s future athletes.”

The driving force behind this acquisition was’s highly validated tech stack, which employs computer vision and AI capabilities, already being used in pro-sports. This technology stack significantly shortens Game Theory’s time to market and brings in the key talent that built it from the ground up. The shared vision and passion for making real sports more enjoyable made the partnership between Game Theory and a natural fit.

Speaking about the latest development, Co-founders of Matchday.AI, Ganesh Yaparla and Harsha Vardhan Komanna, said “From our initial engagement with the Game Theory team, it was striking how harmoniously our visions aligned, in wanting to make sports more engaging through the use of technology. While addressing the same challenge from distinct perspectives, we specialized in pioneering state-of-the-art technology and building world-class products that are embraced by elite athletes and organizations. Conversely, Game Theory’s proficiency in operational strategy and a robust business model resonated across a broad market landscape. Recognising our complementary strengths, we were all able to agree that working together gave us the best chance of realizing our shared vision.”

The strategic importance of this acquisition is the convergence of Game Theory and Matchday’s visions. Although they approached the same opportunity from different perspectives, it was clear that their paths were destined to merge. This acquisition allows Game Theory to integrate Matchday’s technology into its next build thereby enhancing its matchmaking algorithms and developing the world’s first SkillScore, which will be a significant competitive advantage and drive significant stickiness to Game Theory. With Game Theory’s user base over time, this technology will be able to access millions of games and billions of data points every month to rapidly refine the algorithms and become more versatile with each passing day.

Rakesh Bordia, Partner at Prequate Advisory who leads the M&A, shared his insights on the acquisition “This acquisition has immense significance in the largely untapped opportunity of using the current state of technology in real sports. With this acquisition, Game Theory has further bolstered its moat and can now drive an extremely sticky experience for its user-players. The acquisition underscores Sudeep and his team’s commitment to driving innovation and growth in real sports and we have one of best seats in the house to witness this growth story.”

This marks Game Theory’s first acquisition. Prequate Advisory was the exclusive M&A advisor on the acquisition.

This acquisition is unique in the sense that it aligns two companies that share a vision to make play more enjoyable and habit-forming. Technologies like computer vision have been mostly available to professional athletes and often at a high cost making it inaccessible. This acquisition will make intelligent analytics and add the “cool factor” accessible to the casual real sporting community. Now tech can be used to help improve their skills and enjoy sports in new and exciting ways. This can also make their relationship with Game Theory more enriching and highly engaging.

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