Noesis.Tech Marks a Breakthrough in GPT-Powered Chatbots, Reinventing Customer Experiences

Mumbai, 13th February 2023: A new era of customer engagement has emerged with the advent of artificial intelligence-powered chatbots. Companies are rethinking the way they interact with consumers online, using chatbots to handle an increased volume of traffic while freeing up time and resources. In response to the growing demand for innovative customer service platforms, Noesis.Tech, the tech products and services agency under Zoo Media Network has become the first agency to integrate cutting-edge GPT technology into WhatsApp and Instagram.

The result of extensive research and innovative technology, Noesis.Tech’s highly advanced chatbot can handle a multitude of customer inquiries and discussions, providing instant and accurate responses.

Siddharth Bhansali, Founder of Noesis.Tech and CTO of Zoo Media, expressed excitement about this new approach to customer experiences, saying, “Our GPT-powered chatbot will revolutionise the way brands interact with consumers and provide a futuristic, smooth, and simple service experience.”

To create this one-of-a-kind bot, Noesis.Tech trained the GPT-3 model with vast amounts of conversational data and fine-tuned it to meet specific client needs. Bhansali notes, “We’re thrilled to use AI technology to enhance productivity for our clients and empower them with our GPT-trained bots. Brands now have a comprehensive medium to interact with users and understand them on a deeper level.”

The chatbot has already made its debut on WhatsApp and Instagram, delivering improved conversation flows, complex dialogues, and instant resolutions. Interested readers can have a little chat with the WhatsApp bot on +91 9152810101 and the Instagram Bot by dropping a DM to @Noesis.Tech.

To ensure optimal performance for its clients, Noesis.Tech offers regular maintenance and retainer services, including machine learning operations such as data updates and model fine-tuning. With a focus on future possibilities, Bhansali believes, “GPT-trained bots are a perfect combination of speed and precision, and this latest technology is the next step in curated customer experiences.” Pratik Gupta, Co-Founder, Zoo Media and FoxyMoron, shares the sentiment: “This cutting-edge technology represents a major leap forward in the realm of customer relationship management, e-commerce, and other areas related to brand engagement.”

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