Also awarded 5-star garbage-free city rating

Recently, I participated in a celebratory event in my society as my city, Noida, had ranked top on Swachh Sarvekshan Survey – an initiative by the government of India. One thing I always admire about my society –is its focus on cleanliness. It may not be a fancy high rise with many luxurious facilities, but Century in Sector 100 is spacious with sprawling gardens and a deep sense of awareness about the environment and keeping our surroundings clean.

However, this was not always the case. The same ground where the event is being hosted and children play, was a dumping ground – a breeding space for infections just a few years ago. Our RWA collaborated and HCLF’s Clean Noida Project together were able to turn around the situation. HCLF cleared all the waste from the dumping ground and educated all residents and cleanliness staff about waste segregation. HCLF built a huge composting pit and there is enough manure to take care of all the plants. There are trees, flower beds and beautiful wall arts, thanks to the foundation and their rigorous efforts.

On weekends, the RWA members gather to work on the different aspects of society. There are beautiful corners that have been created through simple ‘best out of waste’ exercises. There are benches where plastic bottles have been used instead of bricks to utilize the waste. Leftover tiles to paint cans, all have been used as planters or to decorate the walls and paths.

At the event, a senior society member, Pawan Yadav, while thanking HCLF said, “They have created awareness and enabled improvement through prompt action. Years of door-to-door collections and training of the waste collection staff has enabled this change. The team HCLF has been prompt with support and guidance. The Clean Noida Project team is a bunch of dynamic people who recognize the problem and strive for a solution.”

Another gentleman, Suresh Verma addressed the importance of green revolution and protection of plants. He told the children present about the environmental concerns and how we should continue the hard work and build an exemplary city.”

The event culminated with games, quizzes and distribution of sweets. The work done by HCLF is commendable and inspirational. We thank them and hope to receive their continued support.

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