NPP Manifesto: Based on proven track record of success and detailed plan for next 5 years, claims NPP

Today, National People’s Party released its manifesto which they termed it as People’s Document: Vision 2023-28. It is to be noted that President of the NPP, Conrad Sangma released a document called the “Report Card to the People” on 12th January, 2023 highlighting the achievements of the NPP led MDA government against their promises during 2018 elections. To everyone’s surprise a week later AITC, General Secretary Abhishek Banerjee challenged NPP to release its report card of 5 years of governance and released their 10 pledges for Meghalaya.

While AITC concentrated more on cash transfer promises including We Card for women and MYE card for youth, all cash transfer schemes. NPP promises were a mixed bag of cash transfer and infrastructure development along with a planned roadmap with interventions to build an ecosystem of employment for youth.

Highlights of NPP’s vision was 5 lakh jobs and employment opportunities for the youth, Village community facilitators employment for 6,500 villages, 1,000 CM facilitation centre for government services at grassroot level, FOCUS & FOCUS+ schemes, prime hubs for entrepreneurs at block, CM village connectivity scheme for road construction, boost to sports infra, agriculture logistics infra, bridges, airport, health and education infra. The document was released in a party meeting at Jrisalein Playground, Jowai.

NPP’s document pictorially explained the interventions and the intended beneficiaries, thus depicting how the vision of the party is addressed to meet the need of every section of the society. AITC’s 10 pledges are more direct cash transfer schemes ideated at West Bengal. AITC believes those schemes which had brought them electoral victory in West Bengal is the recipe of success in Meghalaya as well. While the document details about the projected increase in capital expenditure (which ideologically is different from AITC which talks more about cash transfers only) the next statement states the intent to increase in Government revenue, thereby planning a sustainable development.

Bajop Pyngrope Secretary NPP and NPYF and Secretary NPP said “The TMC’s election manifesto is nothing but a collection of empty promises and unrealistic goals. They have no practical plan to bring real change in a state like Meghalaya. Their ideas lack dignity for Meghalayan citizens and it’s clear they are just trying to win votes without actually having the ability to deliver on their promises. The “Baaki” Cards are nothing but cash for vote scheme, they plan to make Meghalaya like West Bengal where poor citizens are at mercy of TMC party workers for government schemes. The citizens of Meghalaya has witnessed good governance in last 5 years and we will continue to provide them with real solutions and a proven track record of success.”

Ampareen Lyngdoh, Spokesperson NPP and candidate East Shillong commenting on TMC’s Manifesto said “The TMC’s manifesto is full of fake promises and unrealistic ideas. It lacks any substance or practical solutions to the pressing issues faced by our state. TMC wants to take Meghalaya 30 years back just like they did in West Bengal. The citizens deserve better than hollow words and unachievable goals. Our Manifesto is a vision document based on a proven track record of delivering results and detailed plan for next 5 years. We are confident in our vision and will continue to work tirelessly for the betterment of our state.”

On the 2 manifestos, citizens of Meghalaya are presented with a choice – one which has a detailed step by step plan for development and other which has a flurry of cash transfers. One can argue that a step by step planned interventions may take 4 or 5 years to make Meghalaya really great. On the other hand, the other manifest converts government to a UPI payment gateway of collecting tax and providing cash transfers

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