NTPC & NHAI Join Forces to Transform India’s Roads with Innovative Ash Utilization

Bangalore : In a game-changing partnership, NTPC and NHAI are set to enhance India’s infrastructure by utilizing Ash from Thermal Power Plants in road construction. NTPC’s ₹3,000 Crore contract through GeM solidifies their commitment to eco-friendly, durable roads.

Approximately 70% of NHAI’s road construction Ash will be sourced from NTPC, exemplifying a shared vision for sustainable progress. NTPC’s Ash Utilisation initiatives showcase how industrial by-products can drive economic growth while prioritizing environmental responsibility.

Please find below a Tweet by NTPC for your reference.
Tweet- https://twitter.com/ntpclimited/status/1720090826334945409?t=jziTAJrs-jE1HPfxgo50yQ&s=08

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