NTUC LearningHub Partners TikTok to Empower 1,500 Micro-Business Owners and Freelancers By 2024

OutReach – 16 February 2022 –
LearningHub (NTUC LHUB), Singapore’s leading Continuing Education and Training
provider, and TikTok, the leading destination for short-form mobile video,
signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) today to officially launch their partnership
to help 1,500 micro-businesses and freelancers in Singapore to connect with
audiences through engaging social media content creation and trends via a
platform like TikTok to drive business over the next three years.

left to right: Anthony Chew, Director of Infocomm Technology, NTUC LearningHub,
Jeremy Ong, Chief Executive Officer, NTUC LearningHub, and David Jay Gomez, Head of Brand
Partnerships for SEA, TikTok.

outreach of the programmes, which will be driven by NTUC LHUB, will focus on
the growing pool of Self-Employed Persons (SEPs), including freelancers and small
business owners in Singapore. Against the backdrop of the positive economic
outlook, SEPs would stand to benefit by creating engaging social media content
that successfully creates awareness and demand for their services and

MOU, which was signed by Anthony Chew, Director of Infocomm Technology (ICT) at
NTUC LHUB and David Jay Gomez, Head of Brand Partnerships, SEA, at TikTok, signifies
the mutual commitment of both TikTok and NTUC LHUB to deliver quality training and
resources in social media marketing and content creation.

more small businesses turn to digital platforms to reach new audiences, many
are leveraging new age platforms such as TikTok which has exceeded 240 million
users in Southeast Asia alone. From increasing brand awareness to extending
their business reach, TikTok has played a key role in helping local
micro-businesses such as Vintagewknd, a sustainable fashion store, and Dear
Modern, run by a Singaporean architect, to connect directly with their
customers and grow their presence online.

boost outreach efforts, NTUC LHUB will leverage its strong network within the
Labour Movement and its associations such as the Freelancers and Self-Employed
Unit (U FSE), Singapore National Co-Operative Federation (SNCF) and Young NTUC.

addition, as part of the initiative, NTUC LHUB will work closely with TikTok to
develop a suite of courses that empower content creators to grow their brand
presence on social media platforms. As a start, NTUC LHUB will begin running
the TikTok-endorsed ‘Design Thinking for Social Media’ course in March 2022,
which has already received strong interest from content creators. The two-day
course leverages design thinking concepts for social media content creation. Furthermore,
the collaboration will translate into training courses that are applicable to
all workers in due course.

Citizens and Permanent Residents can enjoy 50% off the course fees, and are
eligible for the utilisation of SkillsFuture credit and Post-Secondary Education
Account (PSEA).
Interested individuals can register for the ‘Design
Thinking for Social Media’ course at www.ntuclearninghub.com.

on the partnership, ICT Director at NTUC LHUB, Anthony Chew says, “We are
thrilled to be partnering TikTok to empower Self-Employed Persons (SEPs) to
navigate and keep pace with the rapidly changing social media landscape in
order to create new business and employment opportunities. As TikTok grows in popularity
in Singapore, many businesses, especially micro-businesses and freelancers have
benefitted from the exposure that the platform brings because of the virality
of some of their engaging and on-trend content. Working closely with TikTok,
NTUC LearningHub will be on the pulse of new trends and developments straight
from the source, hence ensuring that our training in social media and digital
marketing remains highly relevant, timely and spot-on for our learners. In
addition, NTUC LearningHub is also uniquely placed within the Labour Movement
ecosystem to support the outreach efforts to self-employed persons.”

Head of Brand Partnerships for SEA, David Jay Gomez, says, “At TikTok, we are
witnessing an increase in small businesses across Southeast Asia leveraging our
platform to drive tangible impact and we are deeply committed to using our
platform to educate and equip our community with the relevant skills and
training as they navigate the ever-evolving business landscape. In Singapore,
we have seen businesses on TikTok enjoy success as they fully embrace the
creativity and authenticity of our platform to engage new audiences. Through
our partnership with NTUC LearningHub, we look forward to empowering more
micro-businesses and freelancers to drive their business and Singapore’s
digital economy forward.”

See, Director of NTUC Freelancers and Self-Employed Unit (U FSE) said, “U FSE
and our associations are focused on enhancing work prospects for our members in
freelancing and self-employment. The
fast-changing landscape demands that our members continually scan and make
sense of their clients’ evolving needs. Hence, the course focus on design
thinking and social media content creation is relevant to freelancers and
micro-businesses keen to become more adapt and savvier in customer
needs-discovery and product and service development. With continual learning
support as a cornerstone of NTUC’s membership proposition, we are excited that
U FSE and NTUC LearningHub will be jointly rolling out a ‘Community of
Practice’ series to bridge classroom training with expert insights to
empower members to stand out from the

an ecommerce store, our relationship with our customers is entirely virtual and
we are always looking for effective ways to reach out and capture a wider
audience. With TikTok’s growing presence globally and in Singapore, we decided
to give it a try and it has now evolved into a primary platform for our
marketing efforts. With a vibrant and diverse community that celebrates
creative expression, it has been encouraging to see the strong traction on our
livestreams and creative style challenges among our target audience”, says
Vintagewknd’s co-founder, Eileen Tan.


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