Numeric launches Keor XPE, three phase UPS for data centers and mission critical applications

Modular, scalable, hot serviceable, flexible and configurable UPS.

Mumbai, 14th April 2022: Numeric, the leading UPS manufacturer and power quality solution provider today announced the launch of ‘Keor XPE’, 3 Phase modular UPS at an event held in Mumbai. The newly launched UPS is designed to meet the changing business demands of data centers and mission critical applications.

The launch took place during the ‘Data Center Summit & Awards 2022 by UBS Forums’ held in Mumbai. The scalability of Keor is up to 2.1 MW with maximum of 7 power units (250 / 300 kW).

Keor XPE offers hot serviceability of each component where the power units can be serviced, connected or replaced while the rest of the system continues to work in protecting the critical load. It comes with an Intuitive 10” touch screen with a single centralized display to monitor the overall system and single power unit. An added advantage of the UPS is the flexible layout which suits different architectural layout to position Keor XPE either in line, back to back, L shape or U shape. Keor XPE is the only product to offer such design flexibility in this category.

Speaking about the launch, Satpal Singh, CEO of Numeric, said, “Numeric has already gained a strong foothold in the 3 phase segment and this new product will further augment our product offer in the modular segment. Thanks to the experienced, dedicated and quality-driven team we will continue to deliver market-leading power protection solutions to our customer base.”

The Indian data center market is witnessing a phenomenal growth due to the growing adapt in digital technologies, IoT linked devices and data localization initiatives. Drawing parallel to this growth, Satpal further added that Keor HPE is rightly positioned to cater to the growing demands of data center industry.

Keor XPE offers the following benefits to its customers:

Scalable as per business requirement, upto 2.1 MW

Hot serviceability ensures high system availability

Better design flexibility saves real estate space offering real compact footprint

Sustainable design with PEP certification offering energy efficiency and controlled carbon footprint

High efficiency and flexible configuration helps lower operating cost

Maximum uptime of 99.99999

Keor XPE is also Lithium ion compatible.



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