Nuvepro enables Trainocate to offer an experiential learning platform for 4000 learners

Trainocate, powered by Nuvepro, aims to continuously offer experiential learning for the job-ready workforce.

Bengaluru, September 26, 2022: Nuvepro, a leading cloud labs provider that aims to accelerate workforce readiness with hands-on training, has teamed with Trainocate, a global EdTech, to offer an experiential learning platform to 4000 learners each quarter. The partnership between Nuvepro and Trainocate will allow learners to engage in hands-on training using pre-configured, ready-to-use labs in a real work environment.

Trainocate, powered by Nuvepro, started a pilot project in September 2021 with only 70 learners. Now it aims to extend its wings to 4000 learners each quarter. With this strategy, students can take ownership of their work from the beginning and be ready to be deployed into projects. Trainocate promotes ILT/VILT certification programs with an experiential learning platform by aligning real-world labs, projects, and certifications with tech training goals. The projects and labs aim to make learners project-ready by facilitating professional advancement.

Giridhar LV, CEO, Nuvepro, said,” The lack of excellent project-readiness training is an important reason behind the gap in digital skills. Learners in EdTech organizations and corporations can benefit extensively from Trainocate’s library of classroom training and Nuvepro’s hands-on labs. With the experiential learning package, we will train students to quickly become project-ready by dealing with various real-world tasks and tests”.

Vikas Mathur, Vice President of Sales at Trainocate said, ”With the continuous advancement and changes in the technology landscape, the skill gaps are widening. The pace at which the hyperscalers are innovating and bringing the digital transformation is also creating the need of upskilling the workforce faster and in an innovative way as per industry demands. To meet the surging demand of digitally skilled workforce Trainocate has partnered with Nuvepro and announced the Experiential Learning that provides an opportunity to the learners to upskill themselves as per industry’s real time demand and also get themselves project ready. With this partnership, we establish a differentiator and deliver an unique value to our Customers by creating job ready workforce for them“

To accelerate workforce readiness, Nuvepro keeps its catalogue of labs, projects, and assessments updated to remain in sync with the emerging trends in digital technologies such as Cloud, DevOps, Full Stack Development, Blockchain, AI/ML, etc.

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