Nuvoco Launches InstaMix Superior Column Concrete

A Revolutionary Solution for Effortless Column Construction

Hyderabad, August 03, 2023 – Nuvoco Vistas Corp. Ltd., India’s fifth-largest cement group in terms of capacity, introduces the revolutionary product, InstaMix Superior Column Concrete, at a customer meet held in Ludhiana. This specialized concrete solution is meticulously designed for column construction, aiming to address the persistent challenges faced by developers and contractors.

Traditionally, column construction has been plagued by problems stemming from delays in pouring concrete, resulting in undesirable honeycombing, and weakened structural integrity necessitating extensive repairs. However, with InstaMix Superior Column Concrete, these concerns are now a thing of the past. The product’s unique formula provides an extended workability duration of up to four hours, effectively clearing the challenges faced during column construction.

InstaMix Superior Column Concrete provides a remarkable advantage of early de-shuttering of cast columns. Unlike Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) concrete with standard mix design, which often demands 7 to 14 days for de-shuttering of cast columns, InstaMix paves the way for early de-shuttering within just 12 to 16 hours, attaining a strength of up to 6MPa, depending on weather conditions. This ensures ease of pouring and sets a new standard for efficiency during construction.

Speaking about the product, Mr Prashant Jha, Chief of Ready-Mix Concrete and Modern Building Materials Business at Nuvoco, said, “At Nuvoco, quality and customer experience are at the centre stage of our business operations. InstaMix Superior Column Concrete belongs to the renowned InstaMix brand, known for delivering exceptional performance and quality, making it the preferred choice of customers. Furthermore, the ready-to-use concrete and mortar are thoughtfully delivered in 35 kg bags directly to the job site. This benefits the end-user with the convenience of handling, minimal wastage, and faster application.”

With the introduction of InstaMix Superior Column Concrete, Nuvoco continues to lead the industry by providing innovative solutions that streamline construction processes and enhance overall project efficiency. Contractors and developers across the country can now experience hassle-free column construction with this revolutionary concrete solution.

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