§ NXTDIGITAL’s NXTSkyFi broadband-over-satellite service inaugurated in Tawang over Diwali; at an event attended by leading dignitaries, heralding critical services across Arunachal Pradesh and Nagaland. Service being extended to cover rest of India in a phased manner.

§ NXTSkyFi is the broadband-over-satellite solution from NXTDIGITAL Limited, the media vertical of the Hinduja Group. The company and its broadband subsidiary, OneOTT Intertainment Limited are rolling out the solution in a strategic partnership with Thaicom Public Company Limited, one of the world’s leading satellite operators.

§ NXTSkyFi has partnered with TATA Studi, an interactive learning solution from TATA ClassEdge – which will give a significant boost to access to quality education in poorly connected places.

§ Jadooz, a leading player in cinema, virtual reality and education, focusing mainly in rural and emerging markets partners with NXTSkyFi to develop end-to-end offerings for these markets.

§ NXTDIGITAL is working with other ecosystem companies to bring education, healthcare, information and entertainment to customers in both retail and enterprise segments, through its “NXTmesh” solution; that includes its BOS solution as well as WiFi and fiber connectivity directly and through its national network of partners.

§ NXTDIGITAL, OneOTT and Thaicom expect to close on a strategic model, that includes a possible partnership in OneOTT, in the next few weeks.

NXTDIGITAL Ltd., the premier media and communications vertical of the global Hinduja Group announced the launch of “NXTSkyFi” – it’s broadband-over-satellite (BOS) solution. The launch in the scenic town of Tawang over Diwali heralded the BOS service across Arunachal Pradesh and Nagaland. The BOS service will be extended to the rest of India in a phased manner.

Speaking at a function that was attended by leading dignitaries including Sh. Rinchin Leta, the in-charge DC of Tawang; Sh. Tsetan Chombey of the BJP National Party Minority Morcha; Sh. Tenzin Jambey, Project Director DRDA Tawang and other senior civil servants; Sh. Nawang Chita, the DIPRO of Tawang lauded NXTDIGITAL for its launch of its BOS service and pointed out that “this launch coincides with a historic day for Arunachal Pradesh. We are proud to have the service inaugurated here. We urge NXTDIGITAL to provide such services that augment the lives of citizens by providing education and so many other digital services – across all of Arunachal Pradesh and the north-east of India quickly”.

The NXTSkyFi BOS offering is innovative in that it is a “bundled” offering – providing customers access to solutions like interactive education, digital cinema on demand, OTT, TV channels and other online solutions; and not just a “passive Internet pipe”. It has already onboarded two leading partners, TATA Studi and Jadooz, besides signing on leading OTT platforms to deliver infotainment content to the last mile.

TATA Studi, says Sachin Torne, Chief Business Officer at TATA ClassEdge, “is an award-winning interactive learning solution founded on the science of learning – giving students access to a highly effective learning method, recommended by learning scientists”.

Jadooz, a company founded by Padmashree Shobana and veteran media executive Rahul Nehra is focused on interactive big-screen education and entertainment, with a focus on rural and emerging markets. Jadooz has already launched 20 centres in India where NXTSkyFi will partner for its BOS solution.

Says Sameer Kanse, Chief Business Officer at NXTDIGITAL, “NxtSkyFi is an innovative solution. For retail users it goes beyond uninterrupted internet connectivity to offer real solutions to enrich the lives of customers, through our partnerships. For OTT providers, it leverages our connectivity together with over 1,500 locations-based Edge Content Delivery network (CDN) solution to address low latency requirements – enhancing the user experience, facilitating higher subscriber addition and retention. For enterprises, we have a myriad of solutions including bundling BOS with fiber connectivity for optimal reach and cost-efficiency”.

NXTDIGITAL’s approach is to leverage it’s vast network of over 10,000 Digital Service Partners and presence in over 4,500 pin codes across India to deliver a range of solutions from education and healthcare to information and entertainment. The BOS solution will form a critical part of the company’s national “NXTmesh” network project – seeking to integrate connectivity across India through its own fiber and the vast national fiber network of its partners. The focus will remain on ensuring innovative business models and reliable connectivity solutions for its retail and enterprise customers.

Vynsley Fernandes, Managing Director and CEO at NXTDIGITAL pointed out that “The launch of NXTSkyFi is in line with our vision to build out a pan-India network of digital infrastructure to fulfil our government’s ojective of a digital and truly “connected” India. This launch fits in with our expanding portfolio of digital TV via fiber and HITS and our terrestrial broadband connectivity which has expanded significantly over the last couple of years. The recent launch of our OneDigital product will also ride on the back of our BOS initiative bringing television, broadband, OTT, VoIP, WIFI and CCTV solutions to markets where reliable connectivity is a challenge. The launch of our broadband over satellite service also triggers off the first phase of our relationship with Thaicom – as we look to work together to bring emerging solutions to India”.

As envisaged in the binding MOU between NXTDIGITAL and Thaicom, the plan is to develop and offer a portfolio of global emerging digital solutions – critical to the mission of a digital India. These solutions, already developed and deployed by Thaicom elsewhere in the world include satellite artificial intelligence solutions comprising space-based data technologies for agriculture, disaster relief & natural resource management to public WIFI systems and drones for augmenting rural digital solutions. With India’s significant dependence on agriculture and the incumbent challenges of crop management – the satellite-based AI will help by providing mission-critical data on tap. Both companies have also agreed to set up a Centre for Excellence to develop new satellite and related digital based technologies through artificial intelligence and analytics – leveraging deep-tech research and development that both companies are known for.

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