OctaFX enters 2022 summarising its successful year

LUMPUR, MALAYSIA – Media OutReach –
23 December 2021 – Another
exciting and demanding year nears its end. The international broker OctaFX
grasps the opportunity to recount its very own ‘2021’—one that also marked the
company’s 10th anniversary. Looking back on it, the company and its departments
have much to be proud of.

OctaFX’s customer-driven approach, which provided a new iOS trading app,
improved trade mechanics, heightened customer support, and furthered education,
helped clients reach their investment goals in 2021.

As a result, the fintech company gathered many accomplishments to its
name, such as receiving international recognition as the ‘Best Trading
Platform’—awarded by Fx Daily Info.

All this labour strived towards making OctaFX’s product better, refining
it for its clients, thereby being closer to them, more relatable, and making
the product experience even more accessible and inspiring for new customers.

The product

The trading mechanics became even more convenient and relevant to OctaFX
customers’ needs.

The launch of the OctaFX Trading App for Apple iOS certainly resonated
with the trader community, too, as it has already been installed more than
100,000 times.

In 2021, OctaFX has added new trading instruments (the Mexican peso, the
South African rand, and several new cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin Cash and
Ripple) and raised the leverage for all its cryptocurrency pairs from 1:10 to a
competitive ratio of 1:25.

Furthermore, OctaFX upgraded its copy trading option’s rating and risk
calculation system, providing a better, more elegant user experience. Receiving
the ‘Best Forex Copy Trading Platform’ by FxScouts two years in a row (2020, 2021) is a
testament to this progress.


Customer support

Customer support handled 3.5 million client chats this year. OctaFX has
improved, simplified, and accelerated the operation of this essential service
with the aid of upgraded artificial intelligence. To illustrate this, the new
system helped to close over 30,000 requests without a support agent,
contributing to the company’s ability to interact with its clients in


Where would financial sovereignty be without its most valuable asset?

The company openly admits that education is one of the core values it
wants to spread.

OctaFX managed to up its average of organised online events to over 50.
Having installed courses
in English in several
African countries and the ones
in Spanish in Mexico
shows the spreading geographical reach of its financial training webinars and
popular OctaFX Q&A sessions.

On top of that, the broker launched a new video format this year: the
‘weekly market forecast’ with the financial expert, Vito Henjoto—in Indonesian and English.

Social Media and client proximity growing across the

In India OctaFX launched a massive campaign
with one of the leading cricket teams in the country—Delhi Capitals. The
partnership, which included an exclusive digital content partnership, brought
the broker even closer to local clients by entering an important community of
the Indian Premier League.

In Indonesia, the broker
shared a visual client portrait for Kartini Day, upholding the commendable
and rising community of female traders. Additionally, OctaFX organised the Batik
Day project under the
banner of its support of small businesses. Moreover, the broker produced a
cooking TV show that merged the arts of cooking
and trading into an
entertainment video format with interactive features.

In Malaysia, OctaFX had a
busy year, as well—initiating a three-part YouTube series called ‘Honest
Stories of Success’, sharing the motivational real-life trading experiences of OctaFX’s
clients in Malaysia.

Also, the influence and overwhelming nature of social media today cannot
be denied. OctaFX appears to have been well aware of this since the novel,
vivid, and valuable content has drawn a solid audience for the broker. This
body of original online participants amounts to 1,104,390 across all relevant OctaFX social media accounts.

Corporate Social
Responsibility Revamped

Since its inception, charity
and humanitarian aid have always played an essential role in OctaFX’s corporate
organisation and activity.

Some of the most crucial
partnerships that assisted OctaFX in providing essential support were the
Hemkunt Foundation, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT), PERTIWI, Happy Hearts Indonesia,
and JDC Foundation, just to name a few. Altogether, the broker and its partners
erected 15 independent humanitarian projects this year.

Final thoughts

The company expanded its reach and profile as a mere broker, already
proficient as an innovative and trustworthy player in the investment industry,
to growing into a comprehensive investment partner this year—helping every
participant of its services reach their investment goals.

OctaFX endeavoured to stand shoulder to shoulder with its clients,
enduring the ups and downs of the market, helped individual growth by sharing
vital information, and collaborated with the industry’s best educators and
experts. They unveiled their most inspiring stories with the OctaFX community.

This year, one other major cornerstone was improving the product to make
it better, simpler, and more convenient—the way the customer demanded it to be.

An exciting but common learning curve seems to have emerged between this
broker and its trading community. One that helped both sides to develop a more
intricate investor mindset and a deeper analytical approach: a strong
investment strategy. Once someone can confidently claim and evolve such a
strategy in the long-term, isn’t any error along the way become just part of
the plan?


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