OKX reports 35% gains in just 7 days during Blockchain Brawlers Jumpstart

New Delhi/Seychelles, 11 April 2022: OKX, the world-leading cryptocurrency ecosystem and exchange, today released exclusive data on the latest listing of BRWL (Blockchain Brawlers), the native token of Wax Blockchain. The data shows a 300% increase in the valuation of the token since its listing through OKX Jumpstart.


The BRWL token listed on OKX Jumpstart on March 27, followed by a surge of interest from users on the platform. The annual percentage yield for mining BRWL token is currently at 3252% and return on investment for mining BRWL is at 35.54% which sets a new benchmark in the metaverse token valuations.


Jay Hao, CEO of OKX.com said: “The success of BRWL token through OKX Jumpstart surpassed our expectations and we are happy to see the massive jump in its value. We believe this will be a new beginning for metaverse token listings as they take center stage in the evolution of play to earn industry.”


Michael Rubinelli, Head of Games at WAX Studios, said “The success of BRWL token shows that there is a huge demand for metaverse tokens and support for the play to earn model. At Wax Studio, our aim is to boost the creator economy and build a rewarding environment for gaming enthusiasts around the world.”

Built on Wax Blockchain, BRWL (Blockchain Brawlers) token simplifies monetization of in-game assets by serving as the in-game currency. The collaboration between OKX and Wax Studios is a new initiative based on a common goal to migrate the global gaming industry to the blockchain.

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