Online Flower Shop M FLORIST Launches New Collection To Boost Wellness Embrace The Healing From Our Mother Nature

KONG SAR – Media OutReach –
3 January 2022 – It is easy to be stressed
out from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The factor of wellness is a
part of a wider global trend. Surveys have found that the average Hong Kong
citizen’s mental health condition is worsening by the day. Out of one survey by the Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service in
2018, it was
estimated that around 2 million people in the city are suffering from mental
distress. The pandemic may have also worsened the situation, exacerbated by
living and financial pressures. Daily habits that we were once accustomed to,
such as watching movies, dining at cafes, or outdoor activities are not that
easy to come by these, as the new norm under the pandemic also apply more
pressure to people’s mental health.

The beauty of nature and architecture inspired Urban Flora to promote

FLORIST has always been concerned about the mental health issues of urbanites
and aims to promote floral art to improve them. The Urban Flora is M FLORIST’s
new collection inspired by architecture in nature, aiming to help
urbanities experience the mysteries of mother nature in the city and embrace
the healing from our mother nature.

Flora is reflecting upon the intertwined relationship between city and nature,
this coexistence is portrayed through the specially selected flower
combinations in M FLORIST’s Urban Flora collection. Within the
collection, City Nocturne symbolises the bedazzling nightscape of the city,
Silver Fog represents the phenomenon when the city’s skyline merges with heavy
fog, and Weekend Aroma describes the relaxing decompression after powering
through a stressful, work-loaded week.

Different designs with less packaging to save the world

new collection has bouquets, flower boxes and flower jar designs. The bouquets
come in different sizes for different preferences. The Urban Flora bouquets are
packaged with a simple, environmental design to allow the bouquet to show
beauty all around.

About Urban Flora

City Nocturne

lights are the soul of Hong Kong’s night life, conjuring up various romantic
feelings. They outline the streets and encapsulate the enchanting night scene
of the city.

saturated colour and eye-catching flowers are selected as metaphors for the
nightscape of the sleepless city, where neon lights and buildings glow from
dusk to dawn.

Silver Fog

high-rise buildings make it difficult to clear up condensation, where the thick
fog blankets the urban city. This mesmerising phenomenon turns the cityscape
into a hazy, mirage-like scene and it gives off a sense of ambiguity.

of grey and matte textures come together in Silver Fog to display the blurry
skyline of the city amidst the mysterious fog.

Weekend Aroma

café is always a good place to hang out with friends during the weekend. The
soothing aroma of coffee permeates throughout the café, and it reminds you the
naturally grown coffee beans comes from Mother Nature!

warm colours are chosen in Weekend Aroma to symbolise the joyous atmosphere of
gathering with friends. Weekend Aroma reminds you of the delightful time spent
in a café; reading magazines, accompanied by relaxing music; and most
importantly, surrounded by the natural and healing aroma of coffee.


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