OPSWAT Announces Partnership with Digital China

Media OutReach – 13 June 2023 – OPSWAT, a global leader in Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) cybersecurity solutions, announced today a partnership with
Digital China, a leading provider of IT and OT solutions. Digital China will now offer the most comprehensive network security solutions with OPSWAT in the Chinese market.

“As the exclusive distributor for OPSWAT in China, Digital China is delighted to have a deep collaboration with OPSWAT to safeguard users’ critical infrastructure from malicious software and zero-day attacks. OPSWAT, as a globally leading cybersecurity company, focuses on providing multi-layered, multi-engine security solutions to assist organizations in protecting their data, applications, and infrastructure from malicious software and other threats.”, said
Liu Tong, General Manager of the Digital Security and Solutions Business Division at Digital China.

As China continues to strengthen and improve its legal and regulatory framework for protecting critical information infrastructure, the implementation of security measures for such infrastructure is set to begin with the enforcement of GB/T 39204-2022, “Information Security Technology – Requirements for Critical Information Infrastructure Protection.” Protecting critical information infrastructure is a complex undertaking that requires continuous research, design, and implementation of security principles and concepts. To further enhance the implementation of national requirements for information security infrastructure, Digital China has recently signed an official agreement with OPSWAT to become its authorized distributor in China.

“I am pleased to announce that OPSWAT is extending our offerings to the Greater China market. As a trusted provider of cybersecurity solutions for critical infrastructure globally, our network security solutions have already protected thousands of organizations worldwide. We believe that our products will be highly suitable for organizations in this region, helping them better implement cybersecurity strategies and achieve their security goals.”, said Yiyi Miao, CPO at OPSWAT.

Currently, OPSWAT’s products safeguard critical infrastructure in over 50 countries worldwide, with over 1,500 organizations relying on OPSWAT products to protect their files and devices. This ensures the protection of their assets, reputation, property, and employees against various malicious attacks, while complying with government and industry regulations and policies. These users span across industries such as banking, securities, insurance, energy, high-tech, manufacturing, transportation, and cloud services.

OPSWAT currently has 11 exclusive patents and a team of 500+ professional developers around the globe. Leveraging its extensive experience in infrastructure security and accumulated expertise, Digital China conducts comprehensive security assessments for users from various industries, considering industry-specific characteristics and current customer situations. By partnering with OPSWAT, Digital China aims to safeguard users’ critical infrastructure from malicious software and zero-day attacks, continuously enhancing product, technology, and service capabilities in the field of security and enabling digital transformation for enterprises.

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