Orient Hurricane modular metal air cooler

This is one air cooler you can fit in your car boot. Yes, you read it right. Behold Orient Electric’s all-new Hurricane modular metal-bodied air cooler which can be assembled with utmost ease in just 15 minutes and can be disassembled likewise for ease of storage when not in use. Featuring AeroFan technology that ensures 20% longer air throw and DenseNest technology that provides 25% extra cooling, this stylish and powerful desert air cooler provides 7000 CHM of impressive air delivery to cool every nook and corner of your space. Other salient features of this innovative cooler include high-speed exhaust fan with a heavy-duty motor for superior air throw and delivery, rust-proof powder-coated GPSP sheet for enhanced protection against harsh weather conditions, motorised louvers 4-way cooling, and LockMatic technology that makes water tank 100% leak proof. Available in 85-litre and 105-litre tank capacities, Orient Hurricane metal cooler is the just right thing you need this summer to beat the heat the efficient way.


Orient i-Tome BLDC ceiling fan

Make your room’s fifth wall stand out with the all-new Orient i-Tome ceiling fan which flaunts a distinctively stylish design that is sure to become a focal point in any setting. Not only the fan looks elegant, but it is also high on performance and efficiency. With a sweep of 1200 mm, Orient Finstar fans give an impressive air delivery of 220 CMM. Powered by Intelligent BLDC technology, this fan consumes just 28 watts of power thus promising a significant reduction in electricity bills for consumers. Also, it operates silently and efficiently even at low and fluctuating voltages. Orient i-Tome comes complete with a remote control, allowing users to conveniently manage fan speed, turn on the boost mode, and set timers. Available in White, Brown, Gold, and Space Grey finishes, Orient i-Float comes with 3-year on-site warranty

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