Oxford University launched its exciting fourth edition of the Summer School

~with engaging activities and online competitions, the Summer School website will allow children to explore their creativity this summer~

New Delhi, 31 May 2022: Oxford University Press (OUP), the world’s leading press, has launched the fourth edition of Summer School for kids with an exciting range of activities and prizes to keep them creatively engaged through the summer break. Summer School was launched as an online brand connect campaign with the aim to encourage kids to read and use the summer break to learn while having fun. From its very first edition, Summer School, has received an overwhelming response and with this edition, OUP aspires to further expand its reach and engagement with a line-up of distinct, educational and entertaining content.

The Summer School primarily caters to children from the age group of 6 to14. Books are known as a child’s window to the world, and through engaging activities and contests, centred around books, Summer School, helps the child develop a genuine love for books and reading. From thoughtfully curated reading series that cover all genres from adventure, culture to classics and guide a child to move to the next level through various activities and online assessments, to animated short story videos, the Summer School offers different options and formats to meet the desires and needs of every child. To keep the child engaged and excited about reading and learning, there are a number of contests that are available on the dedicated website which range from identifying the name of a famous children’s story book from the emojis shared to learning about the world around them through the enlightening “Did You Know?” series. There is also a separate section with resources for learning and practicing the basic rules of grammar and math across different levels and winning prizes through the various quizzes available at the end of each level.

The Summer School will also host 3 exciting competitions in association with Bic Cello where the children will be encouraged to use their reading skills to explore their potential for creative writing. The Writing Contest was launched on May 12th, to encourage children to create their own endings for popular children’s stories. The General Knowledge contest was launched on May 17th, and in sync with OUP’s larger mission of fostering a love for learning, it encourages children to take an interest in the workings of the world around them and develop a global outlook.

Finally, the Read and Draw contest to be hosted from 7-9th June, will empower children to build on their imagination and creativity as they sketch their own version of the story or a character.

Sumanta Datta MD, Oxford University Press India, shared his thoughts on the recently launched Summer School portal and said, “The OUP Summer School has always received overwhelming response from parents and children. We always try to bring something new and exciting to existing formats. Through the innovative activities and contest offered in this edition of the Summer School, OUP India aims to increase its reach further and create an enabling environment to build a love for books and reading. We believe reading, learning and growing occur in tandem and through the Summer School we hope to initiate this process for children across India and help them unlock their potential as they open a new world of possibilities.”

The Summer School contest winners will be announced on 15th and 30th June for the General Knowledge contest and on 20th June for the Writing contest. The winners will receive exciting hampers and prizes, thoughtfully curated by the OUP team. Through this edit of the Summer School, OUP aims to reach out to and engage with 6 million parents, teachers and children across India.

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