Pansari Group launches “PANSARI EPICURE” to drive sales in the HORECA segment

9th February 2023: Pansari Group, one of the leading FMCG brands with decades of experience, is all set to spread its presence in the HoReCa B2B segment with PANSARI EPICURE. The initiative offers a complete range of high-quality food ingredients to professional Chefs, Purchase managers, and small restaurant owners with their personalized and versatile bulk ordering. PANSARI EPICURE has been making an available variety of Rice, Oil, and Millet along with Chefys Seasoning, and Shasha spices needed for the HORECA sector.

The effort aims to bridge the gap between FMCG companies and the HoReCa (Hotels, Restaurants, and Catering) segment by offering bulk orders of ingredients and giving the segment first-hand exposure to the complete range of products. The platform offers all of the commercial kitchen ingredients and materials for food products in one spot, in bulk packages. These products include Rice, Millet, Chefys Seasoning, and Shasha spices.

The B2C FMCG giants Pansari are prepared to target the B2B FMCG supply chain, by emphasizing their reach in the bulk selling space. The company will serve the organised food services segment’s demand for premium products by centering on the wholesale market matching higher standards.

On the launch of Epicure Mr. Shammi Agarwal, Director, Pansari Group said- We understand the impact of the taste and quality and consistency of food served at the table, and Pansari Epicure will make sure that the quality of food ingredients is not compromised and consistency remains same when they are sold in bulk. Epicure will be a one-stop shop for all bulk food ingredient requirements.

He further added, “one of the prime reasons for introducing Pansari Epicure in the market is to add value to Chefs’ efforts in their culinary journey and ease out struggles of maintaining consistency when ordering quality products for bulk businesses Pan India”

About Pansari Group

From Humble Beginnings to Healthy Success-The brand’s vision is to lead a health-centric food products company for home cooking with products ranging from edible oils to instant mixes. Their mission is to create customer delight through safe, healthy, and nutritious food cooked at home with ease and joy. Pansari Group is a continuous learner, who doesn’t shy away from embracing new possibilities. They are always striving to achieve more through technology and innovation, keep a close eye on the consumers’ ever-evolving needs, and adapt readily to changing circumstances.

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