Parent School Partnership: MRG School Organizes Orientation Program for Classes 10 and 12

MRG School organised an orientation program for parents of Grades X and XII students. The aim of the program was to keep the parents informed and engaged with the new educational pedagogies. The Parent School Partnership session equipped them with the knowledge to support their children’s academic journey. The session featured an expert speaker, Ms. Nidhi, who shared her insights on the fundamental principles of NCF.

The speaker shared valuable knowledge on the National Curriculum Framework (NCF), competency-based education, and technology integration. The orientation program served as a platform for parents to gain information on the latest educational trends and approaches, fostering a strong parent-school partnership.

Ms. Anshu Mittal, Principal, MRG School, said, “We believe in the power of collaboration between parents and educators. The orientation program aimed to empower parents with the knowledge and understanding of the changing educational landscape. We are committed to providing holistic education to our students, and through this program, we extend our support to parents in their crucial role as facilitators of their children’s education.”

The orientation program at MRG School reaffirmed the school’s commitment to creating a collaborative ecosystem that involves parents in their children’s educational journey. By equipping parents with knowledge and insights, MRG School ensures a cohesive and supportive environment for the holistic development of students.

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