PayMe revamped brand outlook emphasizes financial happiness

One of the fastest-growing fintech players in the country, PayMe, has come up with a renewed brand outlook to bolster its primary commitment towards bringing financial happiness to the masses. In the pursuit to become the preferred choice of financial services in the country, PayMe has renamed its brand name “PayMe India” to just “PayMe” – the name that made the brand create a recognition in the market. The company will also be using the new brand name ‘PayMe’ for its further communications and other official purposes. PayMe has also re-designed the company’s logo, icon and brand colors to reach out to the larger market segment.

“PayMe has been dedicated to providing high-quality, moderate-priced and transparent financial products which can be availed by everyone in the society. Our vision is to become a globally acknowledged FinTech brand by spreading ‘financial happiness’ utilizing the latest financial technologies,” mentioned co-founder and CEO of PayMe Mahesh Shukla.

The re-designed logo of PayMe is a graphic comprised of the wordmark (logotype) and figurative mark (symbol). An exclusion zone around the logo has been created to protect its integrity and make sure the logo is easy to read. PayMe has also revamped its official app icon, which is a smaller representation of the brand for the browser and for the mobile interfaces.

The colors used in the logo and the icon of PayMe are Blue Zodiac, which refers to trust, promise and sincerity and Blaze Orange, which refers to freedom, optimism, creativity and enthusiasm. In the words of Mahesh Shukla, “The colors signify trust and commitment towards providing the best financial services always.”

“PayMe has been closely associated with some basic principles like transparency with no hidden charges, easy break-up, clear ratio of interest, friendly services, instant loan disbursal processes, personalized care and overall being a partner for life,” said Mahesh Shukla.

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