Pearl FALCO Launches Its First Sub-brand, MAIKO by Pearl FALCO

– Media OutReach – 15 December
2021 – Pearl FALCO today announced the launch of its first sub-brand, ‘MAIKO
by Pearl FALCO’ to commemorate the start of new traditions this
holiday season and pay homage to the pearl farmers of Ise Shima. Featuring over
50 pieces of lustrous jewelry exclusively made of Baby Akoya Pearls, MAIKO by
Pearl FALCO is a carefully curated selection to appeal to younger fashionistas
in their quest for personal style.

by the exclusivity and intricacy of the Baby Akoya Pearls, the brand consists
of pendants, rings and earrings that are priced from S$200 to S$3,000 that also
adds subtle yet effective finishing touches to any outfit. Pearls have often been
revered for its sentimental value as often they are associated with memories
young girls have of their mothers and grandmothers. MAIKO by Pearl FALCO goes beyond
traditional designs to break away from pearls being treated merely as keepsakes.
Instead, the sub-brand is a contemporary and trendy curation that appeals to
the younger generation, for them to use pearls as an expression of style and

Pearl FALCO has consistently made it a point to advocate for environmental
issues and their subsequent impact on pearl cultivation, the sub-brand goes a
step further to pay greater homage to the painstaking cultivation process of
Baby Akoya Pearls. Ranging from 2mm to 5mm, Baby Akoya Pearls require greater
effort and attention leading many pearl farmers to focus on other larger pearls
that are far more profitable. Cultivated exclusively in Ise Shima, Baby Akoya
Pearls are also very limited in quantity. However, they are gaining popularity
as they are easy to maintain and are a symbol of elegance for the youth.

Maiko Makito, Owner and Managing Director of MAIKO by Pearl FALCO said, “My vision for MAIKO by Pearl FALCO has always been very clear as
I have a very strong attachment to Ise Shima. I have always felt very strongly
about the plight of pearl farmers in Ise Shima and I wanted the MAIKO
collection to simultaneously be a platform that can educate customers on the
dedication of pearl farmers. I knew the collection had to revolve around Baby
Akoya Pearls and highlight a tinge of glimmer for subtle elegance.”

The collection is available exclusively at

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