Perfecting Work-Life Harmony: JustCo Launches Its Newest Destination in Melbourne’s CBD at Emporium Melbourne

Media OutReach Newswire – 3 July 2024 – JustCo, Asia’s leading flexible workspace provider, announced today the launch of JustCo Emporium Melbourne — its seventh centre in Australia. Addressing the growing emphasis on wellness across all facets of life, this work-life destination marks JustCo’s sixth location housed within a shopping mall or mixed-use development in the Asia Pacific region. This milestone underscores JustCo’s dedication to offering professionals sustainable and adaptable workspace solutions that promote a harmonious blend of work and life, alongside its commitment to expanding its current network of over 40 centres in the region.

Located within Emporium Melbourne, JustCo’s newest centre in Australia strives to seamlessly integrate wellness into the workday, offering professionals a productive environment along with convenient access to shopping, dining, and leisure amenities. (Photo Credit: JustCo)

The launch of
JustCo Emporium Melbourne was officiated by JustCo’s Co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer, Kong Wan Long, and Vicinity Centres’ Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director (Emporium Melbourne), Peter Huddle. Spanning 30,925 square feet, this new multifunctional space on the 4th floor of Emporium Melbourne features private office suites,
hot desk zones,
meeting rooms with video conferencing capabilities, and purpose-built micro-spaces for focused work and collaborations. The facility has also integrated nature-inspired designs and hotel-like amenities, enhancing the well-being of its members.

As working professionals increasingly prioritise achieving work-life harmony amidst the ongoing return-to-office trend, the flexible working model is emerging as a pivotal solution across the Asia Pacific, including in Australia. Businesses now seek spaces that transcend mere buildings or offices—environments that foster anticipation about returning to the workplace in the hybrid era. This presents established coworking leaders like JustCo with a compelling opportunity to redefine workspaces and take wellness at work one step further by introducing the concept of a work-life destination at Emporium Melbourne.

JustCo Emporium Melbourne is an embodiment of how wellness seamlessly integrates into the workday, cultivating an ideal work environment and culture where wellness, productivity, networking, and lifestyle options converge under one roof. Introducing premium coworking facilities within a mall offers working professionals immediate access to shopping, dining, and leisure amenities. Achieving work-life harmony requires productive work alongside meeting daily needs, moving beyond flexible work models to embrace the meaningful balance in everyday life.

Including JustCo Emporium Melbourne, there are now a total of six JustCo centres housed within shopping malls or mixed developments. These work-life destinations include JustCo Marina Square, JustCo The Centrepoint and JustCo Changi Airport Terminal 3 in Singapore, as well as JustCo Gaysorn Amarin and JustCo Samyan Mitrtown in Bangkok. In the coming months, businesses and entrepreneurs can also look forward to more JustCo work-life destination launches within malls or mixed developments in Seoul and Bangkok.

“Through ventures like JustCo Emporium Melbourne and our other mall and mixed-use development locations, we will continue to innovate and reimagine the way we work, creating inspiring work-life destinations. Beyond flexible workspace usage and leases, our aim is for everyone to see JustCo as a place of potential, personal growth, passion, and fun,” said Kong.

“Delivering property excellence is a key part of our strategy, with a strong focus on retail partnerships and enhancing the consumer experience. The introduction of JustCo to Emporium Melbourne demonstrates execution of our strategy, with the strategically located co-working space providing CBD office workers with unrivalled amenity as they enjoy state-of-the-art office space with direct access to a long list of premium retail brands and leading dining,” said Gordon White, Centre Manager, Emporium Melbourne.

The coworking industry continues to hold immense potential for further growth, driven by strong demand for flexible workspace solutions that support resource optimisation, flexible work models, and enhance work-life balance. JustCo will continue to explore markets with significant potential and demand while expanding its presence across the Asia Pacific.

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