Phiminer launches Cloud Mining Service for Dogecoin

Media OutReach – 1 November 2022 – Cloud Mining is one way of cryptocurrency mining that utilizes various devices around the world as data processing center with shared calculated power. It usually takes devices with powerful processing ability to complete the shared tasks to support the efficiency and save power consumptions. In this month, Phiminer developed a new service that allows users to save time and money while still reaping mining Dogecoin rewards with different devices, to begin crypto cloud mining at Phiminer, users could simply utilize their unused processing power through laptops, mobile devices or tablets.

The new cloud mining service offers a glorified incentives scheme to its users, aiming to encourage a higher hash rate transmitted to users’ cryptocurrency cloud mining accounts. The users would access higher hash rates by more frequent trade practice and as a result of higher hash rate and increase in passive cash return. Novice users could increase their hash rate by simply exchange with Phiminer Mining. When user reaches the required trade volume in first 30-day period, the mining hash rate will be automatically promoted to the next level. Cryptocurrency mining in dogecoin has become easier for average users and more return per investment.
New miner often look for the most profitable cryptocurrencies to mine. Bitcoin and Ethereum are usual top choices, however the investment is not affordable for novice to start with. The platform speculate in potential blockchain projects. The application would notify the users for better options and the next upcoming superstars. Phiminer would gather user’s fund to stake in different high return staking institution by optimize staking schedule. As a result, create a more enormous staking size in different groups. Other than dogecoin, traders could diversify their cryptocurrencies investment selection by simply staking multiple cryptocurrencies at the same time in one click through the user-friendly UI. Full-fledged dashboard user interface helps users to manage their progress conveniently and check up-to-date statistics for each miner and the entire network.
Phiminer understands a secured trading platform is essential for traders. Thus in the last two year, the platform had run through more than 150 times of internal DDOS attack running in sandbox environment. The platform strives to provide a safe and secure environment for users to trade digital assets and offer a variety of features to help users manage their portfolios.
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