Physics Wallah (PW) launches its Tech-Enabled Offline Vidyapeeth Center in Bengaluru, Announces 200 Crore Scholarships with PWNSAT 2023 Phase II

Bengaluru, 1st December 2023: Physics Wallah (PW), a leading Ed-Tech company that has played a pivotal role in democratizing education at scale in India, is expanding its presence in Bengaluru with the tech-enabled new offline centre, PW Vidyapeeth. Students have the opportunity to secure up to 100% scholarships through PWNSAT 2023 phase II (Physics Wallah National Scholarship cum Admission Test), through which PW is offering scholarships worth 200 crores to meritorious students. The exam will be conducted in both offline and online modes and will be open to students from class 6 to 12, as well as droppers aspiring to study for JEE or NEET.

The PWNSAT exam will be held on 3rd & 10th December 2023, in offline mode, and students can take the exam till 10th December 2023, in online mode. Registration for the exam can be completed through the PW website, app, or at the nearest offline Vidyapeeth centre. The results of the exam will be announced on 15th December 2023.

Ankit Gupta, CEO of Vidyapeeth Offline, PW, said, “After COVID-19, the education paradigm has undergone significant changes. Students now seek the advantages of both online and offline learning. At PW, we firmly believe in the hybrid approach as the way forward. By expanding our tech-enabled offline Vidyapeeth Centres across cities, our goal is to ensure access to quality education for students in their own towns, eliminating the need for them to relocate to education hubs in distant cities. To further support our students, we aim to give back and help them achieve their dreams of studying engineering or medicine through our PWNSAT exam. Last year, 1.1 lakh students benefited from the PWNSAT scholarships, which were worth over 120 Crores. Continuing the same, this year, we are providing scholarships worth 200 Cr.”

PW Vidyapeeth currently operates 72 centres across India, with a student base of nearly 1.5 lakh students. The offline Vidyapeeth centres offer a comprehensive curriculum covering everything students need to learn for JEE/NEET, and Physics Wallah consistently delivers exceptional results.

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