PickMyWork Achieves Remarkable 53% Gig Worker Retention in 2023

– Looking ahead, PickMyWork has set an ambitious goal of reaching 10 lakh actively engaged gig workers by the end of the year 2023

Gurugram, 6th September 2023: PickMyWork, a gig platform that assists digital businesses to acquire end users (individual users and merchants), has announced its remarkable gig worker retention numbers for the year 2023. The platform has successfully retained an impressive 53% of its gig workers in the current year, a substantial increase from the previous year’s retention rate of 41%.

Since its inception, PickMyWork has played an instrumental role in providing earning opportunities to 7 lakh gig workers to build a livelihood. In 2022, PickMyWork recorded an average monthly task completion rate of 11,984, demonstrating the platform’s active engagement within the gig economy. During this period, the state of Uttar Pradesh housed the highest number of gig workers embracing the platform’s services.

The ongoing year, 2023, has seen even more impressive results, with an average of 19,268 monthly tasks being completed. The company’s commitment to gig worker retention has led to a significant increase in the retention rate, now standing at an impressive 53%. Uttar Pradesh continues to dominate as the state with the highest number of active gig workers. Looking ahead, PickMyWork aims to acquire 10 lakh new users by the end of 2023.

Commenting on the achieved retention rate Vidyarthi of PickMyWork stated, “At PickMyWork, we firmly believe that the heartbeat of our platform lies in the dedicated community of gig workers who power it. Their commitment fuels the digital businesses we serve. Our unwavering focus on enhancing gig worker retention underscores our recognition of their invaluable contributions. As we forge ahead, we remain steadfast in our mission to create an environment that not only empowers gig workers but also nurtures their growth. After all, it’s the enduring bond we share with our gig worker community that propels us towards a future brimming with endless possibilities.”

In its pursuit of enhancing gig worker retention, PickMyWork remains dedicated to a series of ongoing initiatives that foster engagement and loyalty within its community. These initiatives encompass a comprehensive ticketing system, which provides gig workers with direct access to address concerns and offer feedback through in-app chat and calls. A seamless redirection process ensures that users are efficiently guided through their task journey. The platform has also introduced an enticing offers section, showcasing recharge options, referral programs, gaming, and leagues, all meticulously designed to elevate the gig worker experience.

In addition, the inclusion of festive challenges creates avenues for participation and rewards, nurturing a sense of camaraderie and accomplishment among gig workers. The platform further enhances personalization by providing tailored project recommendations based on Pin Code and Profile preferences. This thoughtful approach ensures that gig workers are connected with tasks that align precisely with their individual skills and interests. Moreover, an engaging app gamification approach

drives consistent usage and incentivizes activity, culminating in a mutually beneficial ecosystem for both gig workers and the platform itself. By relentlessly pursuing innovative strategies and fostering a thriving gig worker community, PickMyWork remains at the forefront of revolutionizing the gig economy.

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