Plan, Pack, Go: Here are the 5 Best travel Platforms for Curating Long Weekend Escapes

People are now eager to plan vacations from the comfort of their homes with a desire for personalized and distinctive travel experiences thanks to the proliferation of online travel platforms in the nation. Additionally, while making reservations for a long-awaited trip, it is only natural to look for special offers, discounts, and flexible cancellation and refund policies. Travel platforms may offer experience in deciding on the best route, settling on a price, and assisting customers in making the most of their trip. Additionally, they can provide special services like guidance on regional traditions and tourist hotspots or even assistance with visas. Travel startups are crucial for those going to India. A skilled guide may make all the difference because many tourists arrive in India with little awareness of the nation or its culture. Additionally, they may offer high-quality services that may be challenging to get on your own, such as opulent lodging, exclusive excursions, and unique packages.

In a world that moves at a relentless pace, finding the time to satiate our wanderlust can often seem like a distant dream. Yet, in the midst of our bustling lives, long weekends emerge as precious windows of opportunity – a chance to escape the ordinary and embark on unforgettable adventures. The rise of curated travel platforms has transformed these moments into remarkable experiences, offering tailor-made getaways that maximize exploration and minimize hassle.

Here’s a roundup of the 5 best travel platforms that are reshaping the world of quick, curated getaways: the world’s first content creator focused Travel Commerce platform that incentivises content creators by sharing revenues of bookings influenced by the creator. Launched in collaboration with Dubai Tourism, is the flagship offering of travel tech innovator – kitmytrip. Powered by their e-commerce enabled no-code platform, offers the content creators (the Insiders) their own studio to showcase their travel content, boosting the success of a whole new set of travel micro-entrepreneurs – the Travelpreneurs.’s uniqueness is their capability to make the travel content bookable. For this has already done tie-ups with experience providers across 200 global destinations, which is being made live on the platform in phases over the coming months. Building on their rapid growth, is already collaborating with marquee brands like Zomato, SBI, Dubai Tourism to bring the benefits of their platform to the global traveller.

Thomas and Cook:

Thomas Cook India is a reputable brand for both domestic and international travel with more than 140 years of expertise in the travel sector. They are a one-stop shop for all travel requirements because to their huge branch network and broad variety of services, which include vacation packages, FX services, and travel insurance.

Cox & Kings:

Cox & Kings is one of the oldest travel companies in the world, having been founded in 1758. They provide a wide range of travel choices, such as private tours, group tours, opulent vacations, and adventure tours. Cox & Kings guarantees an unforgettable travel experience with their in-depth location expertise and first-rate customer service.


Leading travel company in India, SOTC, specializes in both local and international custom vacation packages. They provide a variety of services to make traveling hassle-free, such as flights, lodging, visas, and travel insurance. Because of their focus on the details and customer service, travelers favor SOTC.

Wanderlust Express:

Wanderlust Express is the embodiment of efficient exploration. Driven by a team of passionate travelers, this platform delivers meticulously crafted itineraries that encapsulate a destination’s essence within a weekend. Immerse yourself in culture, thrill, and relaxation, all within a short timeframe. Wanderlust Express excels in providing a streamlined experience for the modern wanderer. It’s the go-to option for individuals who want a curated escape that’s both comprehensive and time-sensitive.

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