PLANET app by L&T Financial Services crosses 1.5 million downloads

Enabling convenience at fingertips, the app is an important element of the Lakshya 2026 roadmap

January 03, 2022, Mumbai: PLANET (Personalised Lending & Assisted NETworks) app, launched earlier this financial year for enabling convenience at fingertips of the valued customers of L&T Financial Services under the Lakshya 2026 mission, has crossed the 1.5 million downloads milestone.

The mobile application, soft-launched in April 2022, helps customers manage their loan relationship with L&T Financial Services in a convenient and easy manner. It helps them seamlessly manage their loan accounts including Equated Monthly Instalments or EMI payments, check their credit score, and easily access loan-related documents. Customers can also take advantage of personalised offers to avail loans through the app.

Speaking on the milestone, Mr. Dinanath Dubhashi, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, L&T Finance Holdings said, “The PLANET app is the cornerstone in the plan to create a Fintech @ Scale under the Lakshya 2026 roadmap. With this app, we aim to establish a geo-agnostic sourcing and servicing channel and have seen a consistent pick-up in the app since its launch. The app includes features such as mandi price checks for farmers, health and wellness plans, and in the time to come, we intend to include features like utility bill payments, rewards and referral programmes, and much more. The app will not only help us augment our functions and products, but also act as a force multiplier for our field colleagues.”

With the PLANET app, L&T Financial Services intends to enable customer journeys digitally as much as possible. A lot of customers now prefer to transact digitally without any intervention and as the app downloads grow, the aim is to provide a bouquet of features and options to enable digital journeys from sourcing to servicing, ensuring convenience at the customer’s fingertips.

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