Hyderabad 4th July 2022: India‘s largest toy-train themed restaurant platform 65 has found a long term way to sustainability. With ban on single use plastic in India, India’s largest toy train themed restaurant platform 65 has decided to adopt the method of using sustainable materials like jute or paper as its packaging.

Plastic is a slow poison that is killing our world from the inside out, keeping this in mind platform 65 has decided to make their packaging earth friendly and is making sure to make it a plastic free environment.

Mr. Sadgun Patha, Co – founder, Platform 65 said, we appreciate and encourage the government initiative on Plastic Ban. We have started using corn starch based poly bags and non – oven jute bags as carry bags, sugarcane pulp based containers and bags for packing the food items.

We have been practicing such initiative from beginning by replacing the plastic straws, spoons and forks with paper straws and wooden spoons and fork, by doing so we are trying to reduce the carbon foot print and also looking forward to become a green company down the line.

All of the natural material-based packaging is certified and will ensure no harm to the environment. Platform 65 is urging all of us to take care of our mother earth and use sustainable method of living. Co – founder of Platform 65 also added, “The sustainable method of living will not only do wonders for us but our future generation too”

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