Playmaker Labs partners with Jio Store Platform to Redefine Sports Engagement

Playmaker Labs launches innovative solutions on multiple Jio digital touchpoints to transform sports experiences for 100 million consumers via JioStore on Jio Platforms

National, November 2: PlaymakerLabs, New Zealand, in partnership with Cricket All Rounder UK, is thrilled to announce its collaboration with Jio Platforms. Led by Playmaker Labs’ Chairman, Peter Dowell, the collaboration aims to transform the Indian sports industry with its innovative approach.

The partnership starts with an ambitious rollout via the JioStore Application Marketplace, reaching 10 million Jio Set Top Boxes (STBs) as the Cricket World Cup fever grips the subcontinent in October. The collaboration with Jio Platforms will extend its reach to an impressive 60 million Jio Phones, JioBook and Application Marketplace users, creating a seamless synergy melding of both platforms.

Playmaker Labs, based in Wellington, NZ, is a digital sports media company specialising in fan-centric media brands. They integrate cutting-edge technology, sports analytics, and engaging content to deliver authentic digital experiences to sports enthusiasts. With a team of skilled developers, analysts, and content specialists, Playmaker Labs is looking to reshape the digital sports landscape in India, promising an exciting future for sports fans worldwide. The company behind tech platforms like CricHQ, and My Action Sport is backed by global cricket legends like Stephen Fleming & Brendon McCullum who are founding shareholders, along with other shareholders like Ravi Ashwin, Scott Styris, Faf Du Plessis and Chris Gayle.

Chairman Peter Dowell accentuates the transformative essence of this partnership: “Our alliance with Jio, leveraging the JioStore application marketplace, will unveil pioneering ventures in sports, education, gamification, fantasy sports, and reward programs.” The diligent Playmaker team has been tirelessly working to realise this vision. And with Jio’s ambitious blueprint to roll out 230 million set-top boxes in the coming years, Playmaker Labs stands primed to offer millions an unparalleled digital sports arena.

While the initial focus revolves around cricket, the partnership’s vision extends far beyond the boundaries of a single sport. Playmaker envisions the introduction of multiple sports verticals, broadening its scope and captivating diverse sports enthusiasts.

Playmaker continues to engage with local partners and stakeholders, inviting further industry participation through partnerships. The partnership with Jio Platforms marks a game-changing journey in digital sports, promising unparalleled experiences for sports enthusiasts worldwide. Playmaker strengthens its strategic initiatives with robust legal support from its Mumbai based legal team, led by Lawyer Ameet Mehta, Managing Partner, Solicis Lex Advisory. Mr Mehta is also supporting the company with its future aspirations & expansion of the India Operations.

This support fortifies the foundation for their innovative ventures, offering a crucial framework for their ambitious initiatives in the digital sports landscape. The collaboration between Playmaker Labs and Jio Platforms marks a monumental leap in the digital sports industry in India. Their shared vision and innovative approach are poised to redefine how millions of fans in India & globally experience sports fan engagement. The collaboration presents an unprecedented opportunity for Playmaker Labs to become a revenue generator in India’s dynamic digital market. EOM

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