PNB MetLife Launches Sustainable Equity Fund

New Sustainable Equity Fund gives policyholders a chance to make a positive difference while optimizing returns.

India, 14th March 2023: PNB MetLife, one of India’s leading life insurance companies, is launching a Sustainable Equity Fund. The new solution, which is part of the PNB MetLife Goal Ensuring Multiplier plan, enables customers a make a positive impact while optimizing returns by investing their premiums in companies leading the way in environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles. As one of the fastest growing investment trends globally, sustainable investing is a meaningful way to have a positive impact in society while generating wealth.

Commenting on the launch, Sanjay Kumar, Chief Investment Officer (CIO), PNB MetLife, said, “At PNB MetLife, sustainability is central to our business strategy and directs every aspect of our operations. We recognize the importance of sustainable investing and are committed to offering products that align with our company purpose and our customers’ values. The Sustainable Equity Fund reflects our dedication to creating long-term value for our policyholders while contributing to a sustainable future. Our customers can support sustainable investing and make a positive impact on society by investing in companies that are at the forefront of ESG.”

With a diversified portfolio of companies, the Sustainable Equity fund offers a balanced exposure to various sectors while also promoting ESG principles. These companies prioritize sustainable practices, including reducing carbon emissions, promoting diversity, equity and inclusion, and maintaining strong corporate governance.

By investing in such companies, the fund helps our policyholders make a tangible contribution towards a sustainable future.

For more information, risk factors and disclaimers on the Sustainable Equity Fund (SFIN ULIF02610/12/21SUSTAINFND117) which is offered as part of PNB MetLife Goal Ensuring Multiplier plan, please visit PNB MetLife’s website.

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