Pocket FM Romantic Blockbuster ‘Secret Affair’ surpasses 100 million plays

India; August 31, 2022: Monsoon season is definitely the period of craving for love, coziness, and happiness. The pioneer of audio storytelling, with its personalised audio streaming experience, Pocket FM is setting the mood right with its romantic audio series Secret Affair. The fiction audio series has exceeded 100 million plays, pioneering the trend for binge-listening.

Secret Affair is a romantic series that captures the love between a newlywed couple Tanvi and her superstar husband Vidhyut Nomani. The marriage which is a bargain for Tanvi’s brother’s life takes an interesting turn when the news agency she works for, asks her to investigate of Vidhyut’s secret wife. The show has become immensely popular across the metros and non-metros and elicited significant traction across genders.

The show has already garnered 116 million plays, with a 4.4-stars rating. The show is trending at the top of romantic series on Pocket FM.

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