PONY CANYON releases news about SiM

Reggae punk band SiM is releasing its sixth original album this summer. SiM also announced its contracts with Shelter Music Group and United Talent Agency, with Shelter Music Group acting as their overseas manager and United Talent Agency acting as their overseas agency.

This news was published on SiM’s official website and social media pages at 6:00 PM today. Through this image, SiM declares that their activities this year begin in earnest not only in Japan but also abroad.

This album is SiM’s first release in about three years. Their last album, “THANK GOD, THERE ARE HUNDREDS OF WAYS TO KiLL ENEMiES,” was released in June 2020.
The released announcement image shows only the music genre terms REGGAE, SKA, PUNK, ROCK, and METAL, with currently no information on the album title, release date, or tracks revealed.

The announcement image also shows their relationship with the overseas management company and the agency. Under TOUR are the flags of Japan, the UK, and the US, as well as a statement that the band is currently booking flights to other countries.
Their nationwide eight-concert tour, ROAD TO DPF23 “THE LiBERATiON” TOUR, starts in Japan this April. They are also performing at the Download Festival in the UK this June, with their first headlining show in London already announced. This is a new announcement for the US, where SiM performed their first headlining show last year.

SiM will stream and release “UNDER THE TREE” on Saturday, March 4. This track is the theme song for the TV Anime “Attack on Titan” The Final Season Part 3 , which will air on NHK Sogo at 12:25 AM on Saturday, March 4.

Following the announcement of the anime theme song, SiM’s first album in about three years, and their contract with an overseas management company and agency, SiM is expected to begin full-scale overseas operations this year. We simply cannot take our eyes off the band’s future activities.
More details are coming soon. Please check SiM’s social media pages and website for the latest information.

[ The information about the song ] The theme song for The TV Anime “Attack on Titan” The Final Season Part 3
Song title: UNDER THE TREE
Artist: SiM
Lyrics: MAH
Composition & Arrangement: SiM

[ Information about the release ] “UNDER THE TREE” will be available for downloading and streaming through various music streaming services at 00:00 on Saturday, the 4th of March.

[ Information about the TV Anime ] – Broadcast information
The TV Anime “Attack on Titan” The Final Season Part 3

A one-hour special program will be broadcasting on NHK General TV at 00:25 on Saturday the 4th of March 2023!
(The date and the timing of the broadcasting may change.)

– Information about the release
The TV Anime “Attack on Titan” The Final Season Part 3
The Anime will be released through various streaming services!
It will start streaming at 06:00 on Saturday the 4th of March 2023!
It will be streaming through the streaming sites dTV, danimestore, GYAO!, Netflix, TELASA, hikariTV, U-NEXT, Amazon Prime Video, DMM TV and others, according to their schedules.

[ The storyline of The TV Anime “Attack on Titan” The Final Season Part 3 ] Eren has started “the Rumbling” to end the world. Innumerable titans started the attack and they started to stomp on everything. Mikasa, Armin, Jean, Connie, Hans, Reiner, Annie, Pieck, and Levi, who has been mortally wounded. The people who survived are going to the final battle to stop Eren.

[ Staff ] Based on the manga by: HAJIME ISAYAMA
Series Structure:HIROSHI SEKO
Character Design:TOMOHIRO KISHI
Chief Episode Director:JUN SHISHIDO
Color Design:IKU ONISHI
Filming Director:SHIGEKI ASAKWA
Sound Effect Director:MASAFUMI MIMA
Sound Production:Techno Sound
Animation Producer:WATARU KAWAGOE
Produced by:MAPPA

[ Cast ] Eren Yeager:Yuki Kaji
Mikasa Ackerman:Yui Ishikawa
Armin Arlert:Marina Inoue
Connie Springer:Hiro Shimono
Historia Reiss:Shiori Mikami
Jean Kirstein:Kisyo Taniyama
Annie Leonhart:Yu Shimamura
Hans Zoe:Romi Park
Levi Ackerman:Hiroshi Kamiya
Zeke Yeager:Takehito Koyasu
Falco Grice:Natsuki Hanae
Gabi Braun:Ayane Sakura
Pieck Finger:Manami Numakura

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