Post Spinal Surgery 90 % of patients were never referred to a Neuro-urologist

The first-ever dedicated Neuro-urological department launched in the City

· Indian Spinal Injuries Centre (ISIC) establishes the first-Ever Dedicated Neuro-urology Department for Spinal Injury Patients

New Delhi, June 28, 2023

A dedicated campaign for complete care of bladder and other complications finally resulted in the establishment of a first-ever dedicated Neuro-urological Department in the Indian Spinal Injuries Centre (ISIC). According to Neuro-urologists at ISIC, a pioneer in the field of spinal injury care in South-East Asia, there are a large number of cases came to them where post-spinal cord injury (SCI) surgery patients were never referred to a neuro-urologist. Internal research found that patients, who visited ISIC from other hospitals after spinal surgery, 90% of them had never been referred to a neuro-urologist.

Announcing the launch of the first-ever dedicated Neuro-urology Department at its Centre today, the Director of Neuro-urology and SCI Andrology, ISIC Dr. Dinesh Suman said, “We have a large number of case studies. We have also been running a ‘Neglected Blader’ Campaign. In fact, patients who undergo spinal cord injury surgery at various centers, are usually not referred to any appropriate neuro urological services. Our problems are multiplied when they come to us. Hence, we have been getting Neglected Bladders. In this campaign, we aim to give such patients an opportunity to come to our Centre for treatment and rehabilitation. ISIC’s internal research finds that patients, who visited us from other hospitals after spinal surgery, 90% of them had never been referred to a neuro-urologist.”

This pioneering development features comprehensive and dedicated neuro-urologists providing urological, sexual, and fertility care for those who are suffering from spinal cord injuries.

Neuro-urology, a specialized field focusing on the nervous control of the urinary system and the management of urological conditions caused by neurological disorders, such as spinal cord injuries, underscores ISIC’s commitment to comprehensive, multidisciplinary care for patients with spinal cord injuries. With the establishment of the Neuro-urology Department, ISIC aims to advance the field of neuro-urology and enhance patient outcomes.

Highlighting the importance of the newly established department Dr. Dinesh Suman, said, “We’re extremely excited to have launched the department. With over two decades of high-quality services offered by ISIC, now we will be motivated to expand our services to an even higher level of care for a larger number of patients, addressing their specific needs and improving their quality of life.”

Dr. Suman expressed concern over the lack of focus on urinary issues and the prevailing myths and taboos surrounding personal problems in our country. He highlighted that common urinary problems often lead to repeated symptoms of urinary incontinence, uncontrolled urine flow, recurrent infections, and complications such as kidney stones and kidney failure. These repeated complications result in frequent hospital visits and prolonged treatment, placing a significant burden on patients. Furthermore, patients often shy away from discussing sexual and fertility problems, leading to neglect of these important aspects of their health.

To address these challenges, ISIC has established a comprehensive department under the guidance of dedicated neurologists. Dr. Suman and his team will provide holistic care for patients with spinal cord injuries and other neurological conditions, offering a one-stop solution within a single facility.

“Our aim is to eliminate the need for patients to navigate multiple healthcare providers and ensure that their urinary concerns are addressed effectively. The department operates on the principles of the 3Ps (Prompt, Pre-emptive, and Preventive care), emphasizing timely intervention and proactive measures,” added Dr. Dinesh Suman.

“Dr. Dinesh Suman, and his able team, bring over two decades of experience and a deep understanding of how spinal cord injuries can adversely affect a patient’s urinary system. Dr. Dinesh Suman’s experience and dedication will be invaluable to the vast number of spinal cord injury patients across the country,” added Ms Sugandh Ahluwalia, Chief Strategy Officer, ISIC.

The Dedicated Neuro-urology Department will offer a range of services, from early care to advanced evaluation and management along with counseling, education, training, and distance support to the SCI patients and their caregivers even during the longer-term follow-up.

The Neuro-urology department provides a One-stop comprehensive and affordable solution to the urological, sexual, and fertility concerns of SCI persons including the diagnosis and treatment of bladder dysfunction, urinary tract infections, bladder and kidney stones, and other conditions linked to spinal cord injuries.

The experts underpinned the complications and solutions too. Long-term neglect leads to serious complications, including kidney failure, stone formation, and other issues including sexual and fertility problems. The Department assures the patients that with proper treatment and care their sexual health and overall well-being will be restored. They can go for marriage and have children. In fact, they would be able to lead a very normal-active healthy life.

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