Powering a Green Revolution : Tata Power EZ charge electrifies Green kilometres Across India

· Plans for around 7000 charging points by FY24 and 25000 by FY28

· 900k+ Charging Sessions, 1.5 lakh users consuming approximately 9.0 Units (in MUs) translating to 64 million cumulative green kilometers

· 150,000+ registered users on EZ Charge App

· More than 50000 home chargers and 4300+ public / semi-public chargers

· 500+ Fleet and 280 + Bus charging to be added

Bangalore : Picture this: A vast blue lake, a herd of deer pausing for a drink before they retire for the evening, migratory birds that have travelled far and wide resting on branches as they witness the gentle embrace of dusk envelop the day below. Quietly, almost as part of nature’s evening ritual, you glide into this idyllic setting in your EV. The deer lap stroll by unalarmed, birds chirp melodiously, a nearby river is rippling, leaves are rustling in the evening breeze, and you? You’re a silent body immersing yourself in the harmony between the static and the dynamic ways of nature.

Electric Vehicles, e-mobility, sustainable travel—these terms have become increasingly prevalent in recent years. India’s commitment to achieving Net Zero by 2070 underscores the critical role that Electric Vehicles (EVs) play in this journey. However, the success of EV adoption hinges on the development of a robust and extensive EV charging infrastructure.

A few years ago, the EV industry in India faced a significant hurdle. Automakers were pondering how to kick-start the “mobility rEVolution” in the country. An EY Report on e-mobility highlighted six essential factors for that were required for enabling the e-mobility transition. Two of these crucial elements were- Charging Infrastructure and Digitalization. The resolution to these hurdles was found when Tata Power, a pioneer in the Indian power sector, stepped forward and embarked on a mission to establish an EV Charging infrastructure that would play a transformative role in driving the EV revolution in the nation.

From minimal footprint years ago to constructing the Country’s largest and most extensive EV Charging infrastructure, which expands from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and Jaisalmer to Manipur, Tata Power EZ Charge has bridged the gap between e-mobility and accessibility by providing the most crucial component of e-mobility – Reliable Charging Infrastructure.


Tata Power’s journey began with building strategic partnerships with leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) such as Tata Motors, JLR and other leading OEMs; Hospitalities like Taj, Ama Stays & Trail, Ginger, The Park, Bloom Rooms, and other infrastructure developers like Lodha, Rustomjee, Vatika Group, Ayodhya Development Authority, Coimbatore Municipal Corporation and many other institutions like the Indian Army, Indian Navy and the Indian Airforce as well. These collaborations allowed Tata Power to gain insights into the evolving market needs. Methodically and strategically, the company installed and activated a remarkable array of chargers across the country. Starting from the first EV Charging point in Mumbai installed in 2018, the company has since established over 50,000 home chargers, 4370+ public and semi-public charging points, and 280+ bus-charging points across 350 cities, including a prominent presence along some of the busiest highways. Today, Tata Power’s EV Charging network stands as a testament to their commitment, forming a vast ecosystem of chargers that has transformed the landscape of EV infrastructure in India.


Addressing the second essential requirement for e-mobility transition, Tata Power also digitalised its charging solutions for greater and simpler access. From an award winning app to cashless payment to centralised real-time monitoring, the Company digitalised and transformed the entire EV charging landscape in India.

Tata Power’s EV Charging app – Tata Power EZ Charge, has made charging points accessible just at the tap of a finger for all EV owners. The EZ Charge app not only provides comprehensive data about available live chargers nationwide but also allows users to pre-book chargers and navigate to the nearest EV Charging point. With the RFID card, EV users can also make wireless payments at the charging station, simplifying the process to “Tap.Charge.Go.” Additionally, a state-of-the-art Network Operation Centre located in Mumbai ensures real-time monitoring of every charging point across the country, ensuring that the infrastructure is not just established but also well-maintained for user convenience and experience.

Empowering EV consumers with tech-friendly infrastructure significantly expands its reach and accessibility, making EV adoption more viable and reliable.

Scale & Impact:

While Tata Power aims to establish 25,000 charging points in the next five years to further enhance the national EV charging ecosystem, let us explore how this EV Charging ecosystem has impacted the growth of the EV industry and sustainability in the country. Tata Power’s EV charging infrastructure is present across the length and breadth of the country. From hotels, to hospitals, to offices to shopping centres, to highways, EZ Charge is present across a variety of locations and amenities. It is enabling ecotourism in Ranthambore as well as Jim Corbett, it is enabling EV road trips from Mumbai to Lonavala, just as well as Delhi to Agra or Bangalore to Coimbatore. Whether you want to travel from home to office, or take a road trip for your vacation…the country is EV ready!

This expansive EV infrastructure has also yielded rapid results in terms of sustainable action. By addressing range anxiety and charging accessibility, consumer confidence in the reliability of EVs has surged significantly. The states leading in the number of EV vehicles are also the states with the highest Tata Power EZ Charge presence, such as Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Bangalore, Maharashtra, etc. Tata Power has established charging points across these states and the highways connecting them to neighbouring states, facilitating not only intra-state but also inter-state travel for EV owners.

Not only is there a robust public charging infra , Tata Power has also partnered with leading fleet operators in Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi and other cities to create Charging hubs for leading cab fleet operators. Currently, Tata Power has approximately 500+ charging points serving only fleet cars. Similarly, to support e-mobility adoption in the bus segment and decarbonize public transport, Tata Power has installed over 280+ bus charging Points and 800+ are in the pipeline in partnership with leading OEMs in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore Ahmedabad, Jammu, Srinagar etc., making e-mobility accessible to the general public. With announcement of PM e-Bus sewa, e-Bus mobility will now be able to reach larger number of cities & towns.

This extensive network has effectively removed a significant barrier to EV adoption, encouraging more individuals and businesses to make the shift. Consequently, this has contributed to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, advancing India’s commitment to a cleaner and greener future.

The Tata Power EZ Charge app boasts 900k+ Charging Sessions by 150k+ Registered Users, consuming approximately 9.0 Units (in MUs). This translates to roughly 64 million cumulative kilometres of e-mobility!

Towards Sustainability: The establishment of an expansive EV Charging network has had far-reaching effects on e-mobility and sustainability in India. Tata Power’s journey, from creating an extensive EV charging infrastructure to catalyzing a sustainable mobility revolution in India, stands as a remarkable example of private sector leadership in addressing pressing environmental challenges. The Company’s dedication, innovation, and collaboration in the sector has not only revolutionized the EV landscape but have also set a precedent for other stakeholders to actively participate in shaping a more sustainable future. As the EV market in the country continues to strengthen, thanks to reliable EV charging infrastructure, Tata Power further plans to set up 5,00,000 home chargers in the next five year, continuing to expand its EZ charge network. The positive impact on India’s environment, economy, and society is poised to grow even further. Tata Power’s EZ Charge is more than just a network; it’s the power charging India’s electric future.

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