Prashant Kishore’s entry in Congress would have been a remarkable transformation, says Sanjay Jha, on asynchronous social audio Swell

Sanjay Jha, a former national spokesperson of the Congress party recently took to Swell to share his views on how Prashant Kishore would’ve contributed to the future of the party

Shares his experience with Rahul Gandhi and states how he could be an ambassador of a tolerant, compassionate and humane India

Speaks about how the Sachin Pilot and Priyanka Gandhi double engine can challenge the BJP

India,28 April 2022: Sanjay Jha, a former national spokesperson of the Congress and the author of the best-selling book ‘The Great Unravelling – India after 2014’, took to asynchronous social audio platform Swell to share how the party is resolving the rising challenges. Sanjay answers multiple questions like the need of the hour for Congress, the exit of Jyotiraditya Scindia, Jitin Prasada, Pradyot Manikya and others hurting the party among others.

Prashant Kishore’s entry would have led to a beneficial change

Sanjay spoke at length on how Prashant’s entry would have been an extremely beneficial move for the “grand old party”, especially with fresh ideas. Criticizing how old fashion and archaic the party has become, Sanjay thinks that Prashant would have gotten the energy, the hunger and would’ve provided the direction that the party needs. It would’ve given the party a will to win and which he thinks will be a remarkable transformation.

Congress’ actionable items for the next few elections

Speaking on suggestions that will help the party, Sanjay shared that the most practical step would be to make their funding transparent. “The party must ensure that all the corporate funding, etcetera, is put up under the RTI. This will help the Congress attack the BJP, and allow them to ask questions like who is giving them the money for electoral bonds,” he said. Sanjay thinks that focusing on limited number of seats and making alliances with other parties will help the part soar.

Sanjay on Rahul Gandhi’s slipping leadership

As far as Rahul Gandhi is concerned, Sanjay believes that he has his intellectual convictions. In Sanjay’s opinion, he is a true-blue ambassador of an India that will be tolerant, compassionate and

humane. Commenting on Rahul’s leadership, Sanjay said that “He has slipped in his ability to take on the BJP by inspiring the cadres of the Congress, by showing a willingness to take bold risks.” He thinks that Rahul’s judgment of people is something that has affected his leadership in a great number of ways that hurt the Congress party.

Double engine against Narendra and Amit Shah duo

Sanjay strongly feels that Priyanka Gandhi and Sachin Pilot can defeat the Narendra Modi – Amit Shah duo. Priyanka will satisfy a lot of the loyalists or those who don’t want a non-Gandhi face, while Sachin, who’s aggressive, hardworking, ambitious and clearly can attract a lot of those people who today have begun to ignore the Congress or have become indifferent to it because they believe it’s becoming too much of a private fiefdom of the Gandhi dynasty. He thinks this is a good time to try a twin ticket, a Sachin Pilot, Priyanka Gandhi ticket.





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