Prolifics commemorates International Women’s Week by felicitating its Female Employees and empowering Women Weavers

Bangalore, March 10 2023 – Prolifics, a global technology solutions provider, celebrated International Women’s Day on March 8th by felicitating their women workforce with Ikkat Silk stoles, shawls and scarves as part of their week-long campaign for International Women’s Week.

The stoles were presented by the leadership team along with the Chairman & Managing Director of Prolifics Mr. Satya Bolli and Head of Client Success, Dr Sarat Addanki. These stoles were intricately woven by local female artisans from Abhihaara, who lost their employment during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Prolifics actively supports its diversity and inclusion initiatives, which reflects in their strong women workforce comprising of more than 40% of their strength across all locations in India. This initiative by Prolifics is a testament to their commitment of supporting small local businesses and empowering their female workforce. This is a big step towards sustainability and responsible sourcing as they are also supporting cultural handloom and the use of eco-friendly fabric. The stoles and shawls also serve as a reminder of their contribution to the company’s growth and success.

Satya Bolli, Chairman & Managing Director, Prolifics, expressed his appreciation for the hard work and dedication of the female employees in the company. “The contribution of women to our organisation has been invaluable. We are proud to celebrate their achievements and support their growth. We recognise that diversity and inclusion are key to our success, and we remain committed to creating a workplace where everyone can thrive. We will continue to prioritize the advancement of women in our organisation and beyond.”

Dr Sarat Addanki, Head of Client Success of Prolifics, highlighted the significance of this gesture towards the local female weavers. “Our support for small local businesses and women’s empowerment is not just a corporate social responsibility. It is a crucial aspect of building a more sustainable and equitable society. Our collaboration with local female weavers is an attempt to recognise their contribution to our cultural heritage and support their livelihood.”

Prolifics’ campaign for International Women’s Week focuses majorly on promoting diversity and inclusivity in the workplace. The company recognises the importance of hiring individuals from diverse backgrounds and aims to provide equal opportunities to all. The company’s efforts to honour its female workforce not only align with the theme of this year’s International Women’s Day – #EmbraceEquity, but also support Prolifics’s larger vision for #DiversityHiring.

To further demonstrate their commitment to the wellness of their female employees, Prolifics has organised various events throughout the month of March. An interactive session focusing on wellness will be conducted on the 10th of March that will include discussions on topics like stress management, mental health, caricature making, team building activities, etc.

A few other webinars are also lined up for the overall well-being of its employees, both inside and outside the workplace. These sessions will focus on promoting mental, physical and financial health and providing resources for personal growth to the employees. The event will feature guest speakers and workshops on topics such as breast cancer after diagnosis, financial inclusivity for women, etc. Prolifics’ initiative towards the recognition and empowerment of women is a step towards a more inclusive and equitable society.

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