PromotEdge Wins Exclusive Marketing Mandate for Style Baazar, Unveils Comprehensive Marketing Vision

New Delhi,September 2023:-PromotEdge, a leader in integrated marketing solutions, has officially secured the exclusive marketing mandate for Style Baazar, a prominent name in the fashion retail industry. The collaboration symbolizes a fusion of innovation and creativity, setting a benchmark for the future of retail marketing. Together, PromotEdge and Style Baazar will develop a strategic roadmap, encompassing Brand’s Way Forward, Content Creation for Digital, Social Media Management, Performance Marketing, and Influencer Marketing. They will work towards shaping Style Baazar’s brand, emphasizing digital content that resonates with core audiences, managing and enhancing social media presence, employing data-driven performance marketing strategies, and engaging influential voices to build a relatable and aspirational brand.

Saurav Agarwal, CEO of PromotEdge, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “We are committed to driving Style Baazar’s success through a blend of creativity and strategy. This mandate goes beyond marketing; it’s about shaping an entire brand’s journey.” Siddhantt Khemani, CMO of Style Baazar, shared similar sentiments, adding, “PromotEdge’s multifaceted approach makes them the perfect partner for Style Baazar. Their expertise in these key areas will empower our brand, enabling us to connect with our customers in novel and impactful ways.”

This exciting collaboration marks a new era for Style Baazar, weaving a holistic marketing strategy designed to resonate with contemporary consumers and set new industry standards. The partnership promises to make waves in the competitive landscape of fashion retail and stands as a testament to the shared vision and commitment of both organizations.

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